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Rita's Road to Recovery

This site will be a place to come to get updates on Rita's progress or to share a note of encouragement to Rita as she goes through this life changing surgery.

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Posted 2017-08-10T16:04:59Z

Great News!

The wound vac is off!

We visited the doc yesterday and everything is going great! They looked at her wound and said there was no more need for the wound vac. Praise God! Everyone's prayers have been answered!

She also got her recent blood work back and she is not anemic any more and all her other markers are fine.

This means that she will start Physical Therapy this week (we had to wait until the wound vac was off to do that)!

Now it is really just a strength and stamina thing, get her muscles back in shape over the next couple of months and she should be back to full steam. She is pretty weak, especially the leg she had the most nerve damage with. Hopefully some good PT will get that all figured out.

For our prayer warriors out there, pray for successful PT and strong muscles!


P.S. I now this blog is not about me, but my Gallbladder surgery is scheduled for the 16th. It should be a "go home in the afternoon" type thing if all goes well. Please pray for my surgeon Dr. Sherrod, and a successful surgery and quick recovery.

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