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Posted 2015-09-14T03:27:34Z

The Week Ahead

We are just trying to get our bearings, but in the overwhelming flow of support, it seems helpful to share a little ‘gist’ of our plan of attack.

  1. We have started at the start — confirming that this is the real deal and not a misdiagnosis
  2. We have a goal of trying to keep as ‘much normalcy’ around the other kids schedule as possible. Short term this is translating into a ‘3 parent approach (Ann/Bobbie/<one grandmother>) — currently Bobbie’s Mom is there. Ann’s mom later next week.
  3. We haven’t decided on what their approach to work is going to be going forward (Bobbie/Ann). That is something they are going to think about next week.
  4. This means kindergarden in the hospital for the next several months.
  5. The outpouring of support and ‘offers for help’ have been great so far — they are working on figuring out what they need, how to manage that and how to optimize/maximize the impact.
  6. This first phase timeline is through Christmas and that is a ‘long time.’
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