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7 November update

I am feeling continual gratitude for my life. I underwent an endoscopy and biopsy early last week to assess the tumor in my esophagus. The doctor called me yesterday and told me that the bioposy showed no evidence of cancer. I am so happy knowing this. I am continuing my care and treatment, primarily diet, supplements, and Vitamin C IV's. I feel better than ever, physically,emotionally and spiritually. I will follow the advice of conventional doctors and get regular scans to monitor my health and to be assured that it will not return. 

The love and support I have received has been so moving. Our GofundMe campaign has reached about 2/3 of our goal. Donations keep coming in.there are many people who have donated funds that I do not even know. I sometimes am so astounded by how life has shown up, with this physical condition and the tremendous support I have received. 

I will be continuing my work, travelling to Germany this week for a week-long Euro Life retreat. I will then be in the UK for an IIT in early December. 

in love and gratitude,



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