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11 October update

I am sitting at my desk this beautiful Thursday morning. The sun is shining and it is cool outside. I am basking and relaxing in trust and wholeness as I breathe.

I had a follow-up CT scan on September 24. The scan showed no signs of the tumor. I am happy about this and extremely hopeful. The radiology doctor mentioned that even though there are no signs of cancer on the scan, there is a possibility that there are microscopic cancer cells that the scan does not detect. I have an endoscopy scheduled for the end of this month to further assess the condition of my esophagus. The endoscopy takes a photo, which may indicate the necessity of an ultrasound. 

I have been intensely focused on my health and well-being. I am reading and researching alternative approaches. There is extensive evidence that nutrition and certain supplements are very effective in healing cancer. I am doing Vitamin C IVs and oxygenating my body with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I have been meditating about 2 hours a day using Joe Dispenza's powerful breathwork and energy center meditations. I am receiving healing prayers and blessings from people all over the world. 

As I write this, I am feeling an even deeper sense of gratitude and love. Wholeness of Being is descending in and through me. I am loved by a Presence and by Existence. The theme of my awareness and daily contemplations is distilled into Trust and Relax and feel Wholeness of Being at every moment. I am enormously grateful for the financial support we have received through GoFundMe. I am not alone. I am heartened by lovong response of this community.


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