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Posted 2019-01-31T12:21:00Z

31 January 2019

I can't believe that it's been almost 3 months since my last entry. For anyone who has not seen the update on my health, I've shared a video on YouTube with this link.https: //

This is a transcript of the message from there Caring Collective posted on the Living Compassion website:

Dear Friends, Our tremendous gratitude goes out to the community of friends who have offered their love and support so generously as our beloved teacher Robert Gonzales was undergoing medical treatment and facing a deeply spiritual healing journey. It was with all your help and support, financially as well as through your words, loving thoughts and prayers, your own healing stories that we - as a community - were able to offer a holding space for Robert, help sustain the Center for Living Compassion, and assure financial stability for its staff in times where Robert could not provide the income for this purpose himself. We are happy to announce that our fundraising campaign reached its goal with a total of $54,828 through the GoFundMe platform, and an additional amount of $18,295 sent directly to the Center for Living Compassion. On behalf of the Caring Collective and the staff of the Center for Living Compassion we want to express our deepest gratitude for this community - our community - to spread its wings of love to carry Robert, Ruth, and the Center through this challenging, yet deeply moving time. The GoFundMe website will go offline by the end of this month and this phase of our collective is drawing to a close. Yet if you feel moved to offer support to Robert and the Center for Living Compassion from this stage onward, as his healing journey continues, please click the donate button to the left on this page or below the video. We feel delighted to share with you Robert's words of gratitude and an update on his health in this video. For anyone who would love to be with Robert again, to celebrate his health and recovery, his renewed vitality and connect with the deep love and compassion he touched on his journey, please visit this page of upcoming possibilities to learn with Robert in 2019.

With a deep bow of gratitude,

The Caring Collective: Janine Harris Degitz, Lynd Morris, Simone Anliker, Nellie Grose, Elke Dobkowitz, Kristin Masters, Nadine Helm, Roberta Wall, Matthias Heidel

Many of you already know and I would like to share for those of you who do not know, that according to the last scans and a biopsy, my body is cancer-free. I am continuing all of the protocols that have served me since the initial diagnosis.

I am listening and feeling more deeply into the energy and desires of the body distinct from the deep patterns and conditioning in my consciousness. The journey continues... This entire journey has been transformational in a way that is very difficult to describe. The experience has taken me on an inward journey that has been quite unexpected.

One of the reasons that I have not posted on this site is that I have been experiencing very strong inward call, and as this been challenging to express outwardly, which would include posting here. I cannot say too many times the enormous gratitude, love, and belonging that I continue to experience.

My work is evolving in a way that is moving into an unknown and new way. What I know from the center being is that there is a powerful life force and presence that continues to be my guide and that will never fail me. When I forget this, I am disconnected from life in a fundamental way. When I remember this, with all my heart, soul, and mind and body, I am in a never-ending fullness that waits for me. I want everything I say, all that I do, feel, think, sense to be a living expression of Life, full of beauty and grace. I remember an inspiration that moved in and through me several years ago that I want to share now:

Divine Mystery The divine is a mystery. It is absolutely unknowable and beyond qualities. It has no boundaries. It is infinite, beyond any kind of conception. It is absolute, in every moment, thing and element of existence. It is everything and not any one thing. There is no thing-ness to this mystery. It is formless and imbued in every moment of existence in every form of being. Being is. Protruding from infinity as all things...from an apparent nothing, blooming into glorious everything. Sometimes this mystery is called "Emptiness"; sometimes it is called "All that Is", sometimes Reality, or God, the Divine. Whatever it is called it is the very essence and fabric of existence manifesting as existence in every molecule and particle, greater and beyond every form of its manifestation. So close it is closer than close. So obvious, it is hidden from most except those who have received the grace of recognition. Where this mystery, infinite…eternal…beyond all qualities, and yet in every fiber of being, meets manifest life in its most pure form...there is exquisite, ineffable Beauty, Compassion, and Peace. To most of us, this awe-alive presence is obscured. Those who are graced or blessed feel it as a yearning. Those who are vulnerable to the great power of this mystery have been blessed with its presence in their living. They feel/are joy, freedom, love, and peace. Those who have had the courage to utterly surrender, with eyes wide-open to the ocean-of-life power of mystery have no self. They experience only the existence of body-mind as an instrument of the music that this mystery plays. RG

I am thinking at this moment that this might be the last post in this journal. I would appreciate seeing a response from anyone who is moved. If you want a reply from me to you individually I am happy to do so.

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