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Posted 2020-02-07T04:28:00Z

Thank You

I just want to extend our gratitude to all who have supported our family through this experience.  We feel loved and we see our family & community coming together in ways we did not expect.  The girls and I are humbled and grateful.  [...]

Posted 2020-01-18T04:17:06Z

ICU Update

Just a quick update from the ICU... Robert is still there and his vitals are strong.  It's been a week of balancing, taking steps forward and steps back.  The oncologist has a plan in place to continue treatment when he is well enough.  God bless you all, thank you for the love and prayers! [...]

Posted 2020-01-12T03:07:11Z


Friends and loved ones, I am sorry to say that the pneumonia has landed Robert in the ICU.  He is sedated and being fully supported.  He is receiving top quality care here, but the recovery process will take weeks.  It will probably change the course of his future chemo treatments too.[...]

Posted 2019-12-24T22:20:00Z

Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all of the messages, support, and prayers!  Here's our latest family picture- it's the first time we have been all together in months, and we had so much fun. Robert's doing well, and he has the greatest attitude.  I admire him so much![...]

Posted 2019-12-14T19:46:06Z

Update 12/14/2019

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all of the kind notes of encouragement. I would have posted sooner, but had a detour on my road to recovery. I was bed ridden for almost three weeks and was not able to really sit in front of the lap top. The good news is that I have pretty much recovered from the infection. I have been able to get out and walk this week, which really does a lot of good for the attitude, etc. I am also able to sit in the chair next to the big window in my room and do things like type this note. I have come to really appreciate little victories. [...]

Posted 2019-12-07T21:17:00Z

Update 12/6/19

The docs are taking a new approach and Robert started a different treatment this week.  He will take 5 days of IV chemo along with 28 days of a pill that we had to jump through some hoops to get.  :-)  Robert is grateful for the change, as this treatment will be easier on his system.[...]