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Sylvia Patey Sylvia Patey

Thinking of you Shelagh with love - Sylvia

Wendy white Wendy white

Father and Son December 13th Awesome visit

Wendy white Wendy white

So Robin to compete with the Bride or was he hitting on Bridesmaids lol

Marlene Morris Marlene Morris

Dear Robin & Shelagh,

First off, congratulations on your wedding. Shelagh, Robin Fried passed along your blog site to us last Wed when we were at VGH PCU. I wanted to let you know that your Langara AIEH Family misses you and we hope to see you back in classes next year. For now, we are sending you loving healing energy and our thoughts, prayers are with the both of you as well as your family.

Warm regards
Marlene Morris

Liz Kuntz Liz Kuntz

Hi Robin,

Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Murray and I have fond memories of when you escorted Aunt Marion to our wedding 3 years ago. Wires crossed...your were dubbed "the wedding crasher". Ha ha, we still talk it about and laugh. Here are some pics of that day :)

Hugs, see you soon.
Love Liz

Wendy white Wendy white

My absolute favorite robin on the beach in Kelowna

Wendy white Wendy white

Stirring the shit I mean candy pot in Thailand

Jodi Jodi

Happy BIRTHDAY Robin!
Well I met you in my very awkward teen years when I became friends with Stephanie. You always had this hilarious smirk on your face I'm pretty sure you always knew the type of trouble we got in but let us figure it out on our own......I think this is an apropriate time to say I'm sorry that we stole your vodka and filled the bottle with water. Also there were those times that steph and I would bus to your half built house in white rock and throw pretty lame parties....don't worry we really didn't know that many people so they never got out of hand....You always had unconventional good advice and although I have not seen you in years I'm sure your still that same sense of humor. Take care, find peace and know that you made impressions on many people.
-Jodi Austin

Deanna Pedersen Deanna Pedersen

Happy 65th birthday, Robin.
John and I so enjoyed our visit with you and Shelagh, October 30, and congratulations on the "quiet" dishwasher.
We would love to visit again, when you're up to it. I will text first.
Hugs and kisses
Deanna and John

David Chesney David Chesney

Not a lot of people still have friends from their junior high school days. I am one of the lucky ones buddy. Smooth sailing Captain.


Tammy Tammy

me again...
I want to reiterate the heartfelt message that Kenny delivered so beautifully to you both the other night. On behalf of us all ~ You do hold a special piece from each and everyone of us. We laugh with you ~ we cry with you ~ we love you...

Tammy & Kenny xo