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Rod's Care Page

Rod was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma in June 2016. Please feel free to follow his journey here.

Latest journal entry

New Year Blues

Hi All -

Small progress report for Dad for those of you still following and a BIG request:

- He finished his RADIATION! Last Tuesday was his last appointment.  In a few months, they will do a new scan to see where he's at and if the cancer has died off or spread.

- Dad's shoulder fracture is giving him a lot of pain and he's not able to put any pressure on the arm at all.  This is slowing down his rehab/recovery.

- The care he's receiving at Manor Care is sub-par to say the least.  We are working to get him transferred elsewhere but it is a slow process.

- His physical therapy is very slow-going.  He's standing for up to 30-seconds at a time about three times a day.  That's it right now.  He's feeling very frustrated with this.

There are many things to pray for if you're the praying kind:

- Morale.  This is really big for him right now, because he feels he has come so far, only to feel like it's all shut down where he is now.  He's not progressing.  He's bed-ridden.  He's not sleeping well.  He's feeling tired and sad.

- Pain.  He really is suffering with being in bed all day AND the broken arm. 

- Cancer.  That it would be eradicated and not return.  Radiation was so hard on him.  I would hate for him to have to pursue more treatment.  I'm not sure he has it in him.

- Energy.  He wants out of that bed so bad, but it's just not happening.  He needs strength, tenacity, and a whole lot of prayers.

Right now, I need to ask each of you that are local for a huge favor.  I can think of three tangible needs that I would love to see met this coming week for him.  I need you to know that Dad is getting about 1 visitor a week.  Mom, Dustin, and Ashley have all been flu sick for going on two weeks.  Dad has been alone.  He is absolutely miserable and lonely.  He's feeling stir-crazy.  He needs company in the biggest way.  He also needs real food.  I think the scoop of fake eggs and carton of milk he's getting for breakfast every day is about to make him give up hope (insert me chuckling here). 

So, #1 - can you swing by and say hi?  I know it's a lot.  I know we're all very busy.  But if possible, maybe sit for 30 minutes and chat?  Bring a smile and a hug to help warm him up?  He's really struggling and it's breaking my heart.  He's a very social soul and this isolation is beating him down.

#2 - Could you mail a card?  A plant?  A balloon?  Something to cheer up that awful bare room?  It's lonely there.  The staff are robotic.  I've witnessed it.  The room is cold.  The bed is ultra firm.  The view is non-existent.  I don't even think he has a window and hasn't been taken outside ONCE.

#3  - This is a big one and I know it would mean the world to him and so I'm just going out on a limb and asking: Could you drop by with a quick meal?  Let me tell you some things that you apparently crave when you are hospital bound for 6 weeks+: Togo's Tuna Sandwich (white bread, heavy pickle, no mustard - ha!) or Turkey sandwich, Chick-Fil-A Chicken Noodle Soup or Chicken Sandwich, In-N-Out Burger, etc. etc.  You get it.  You crave all of it and one day you just stop eating lumps of fake eggs and small bowls of dry tuna.  You just stop caring about eating.  You lose motivation.  You forget what being on the "outside" feels like and you just start giving up.  I can't have that.  If you can't make it, GrubHub will deliver it for you. I've ordered something nice to be taken to him tonight.  I called his nurse and let her know it was coming so that they don't keep it from him. Better to take it in person if you can, just for that reason.  But if you're not local and would like to cheer him up in this way, just give a call.  Be prepared for the nurse...HIS NURSE...who is managing his CARE to not even know who you're talking about.  She'll ask you to repeat his name four times and say "who?" and you'll say PATIENT....ROD NOBLE...#303....and she'll say "who?"  So...let that resonate with you for a minute about how he's feeling right now.  Grim friends.  So grim.  (Sorry, I'm feeling sad and bitter for his sake)


Patient: Rod Noble, Room 303

7807 Uplands Way
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Manor Care Phone: 916-967-2929

Right now the biggest most helpful thing you can do is reach out to him directly.  That's where we're seeing the biggest need.  Not just phone calls, although those are nice too.  But it's hard for him to hold the phone.  He is feeling really isolated and I can see him shutting down a bit and losing hope. 

He really needs the Hands and Feet...this is one of those moments.  I feel it could go either way for him. 

Thank you all for continuing to read and pray and send your love for Dad.  This is such a long, arduous journey and a fight for his life.  You never know just how hard until you're sitting in the middle of it.  So difficult to navigate all the pitfalls and hardships of illness. 

With love and gratefulness,