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Root for the Unger Dog: fighting Lyme Disease

As I begin the next phase of my treatment and healing, I wanted to create a private place to post updates and keep everyone informed.

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Posted 2016-03-03T03:42:18Z

Feeling nervous!

It's been a super rough week. I've been bed ridden a lot of the time after pushing myself too far volunteering last weekend. But, it was for a good cause so it's all good! It's weird adjusting to a life where I have to choose what I do carefully, everything has a price of energy and repercussion of pain these days.  

Tomorrow morning is my first consultation with  my new Lyme Literate Doctor. I've been preparing all week and just feeling all kinds of emotions. I talked to a good friend today and she said hope is a scary thing. I want to hope that this will help but it's also terrifying that it won't. This friend assured me she would do the hoping for me and that she felt good about this next step. What a thing to hear in a time of uncertainty. I am so grateful for her words of validation, on a day I felt extra isolated and alone they served as a guiding light back to the path ahead. 

I read a blog this evening that there are three things to do to ensure success: "If you want something to work, the first thing that you have to do is believe in it. The second step is to trust it, and the third is to commit to it until what you believed would happen becomes a truth." And that is exactly what I am going to do. I believe this is going to help me on my path to healing and I'm going to do everything in my power to aid in the success of my journey. 

One of those things is asking for help sometimes and so I created a private page for close friends and family. Your love and support is going to be what sees me through the tough days that lie ahead. Thank you in advance for helping in whatever capacity you are able. It means the world to me! 

I will post a new update tomorrow after my appointment with more information. 

Goodnight all! Sleep well!





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