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Rose Support Page

On May 8, 2017, Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. This page is setup to provide an easy way for us to communicate with everyone on her progress in beating cancer.

Latest journal entry


Well, good news, folks.... 

On Monday, April 9 I had my second-to-last Herceptin treatment and so my LAST treatment will be on April 30th. Yay!
When I saw my oncologist Dr Stella in March she was able to adjust some of the appointments and I will now be moved to an every three-month surveillance visit for two years. We discussed my side effects from the Herceptin (stomach issues and joint pain) and I still have neuropathy in my feet and that may be a condition I will live with or it may get better. We will wait and see.  

On May 4th my surgeon Dr Melnick will remove the port in my chest. YAY!! It will be almost a year to the date this cancer journey started. It is hard to believe. 

Steve recently informed me how much my Herceptin drug is....$16,000 for each IV. I have had one year of treatments every three weeks, so that would be approximately $250,000. That is JUST for that component of my treatment. That does not include the chemotherapy treatments, the Granix injections, the three surgeries, the the 20 radiation treatments and all the other tests, biopsies, blood work, consults, and the list goes on. Yes, we are so very fortunate to not have to worry about these bills. I haven't wanted to look at these costs as I have been in the mode of just keep moving forward and getting this treatment done, but I thought I would share for people unaware of the costs involved with health care.

On a lighter note, Steve and I got to spend a few days in Florida last week. We had a nice relaxing time at the beach and we got to visit family too. A big thank you to our neighbors and friends that stepped in and helped take care of June Bug while we were away. 

We will update one more time after the last couple appointments. Almost done!

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