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Rose Support Page

On May 8, 2017, Rose was diagnosed with breast cancer. This page is setup to provide an easy way for us to communicate with everyone on her progress in beating cancer.

Latest journal entry

Big day today!

UW staff

Today marks the end of 20 radiation treatments! The chemo, surgery and now radiation treatments are over - all that remains is the relatively benign Herceptin treatments every 3 weeks. Rose bought chocolates for the excellent staff in the UW Radiation Oncology area. She really appreciated the people there. They do awesome work!

Fatigue is the biggest issue right now but we knew it would be and Rose has been handling it well. She knows that if she wants to go somewhere, she'd better rest up first. In fact, she has handled this whole mess exceptionally well. She does what the doctors say to do and rarely complains about anything although she certainly has the right to do so. I know I'd be catastrophically whiny if I had to go through what she has. 

We now move into the survivorship phase of treatment which deals with staying healthy, resolving issues from her treatment and dealing with mental health issues. 

A cancer survivor made the bags and motivational saying "rings''. You open a new one after each treatment until your last day. It's been a long road and we appreciate you following along as we had our ups and downs. There is still some road to travel but it feels like we've at least crested the biggest hill and can coast a little bit now.

Celebrating with my very cute and beautiful wife at brunch after the LAST radiation treatment!


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