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Posted 2017-07-18T01:17:21Z


Treatment number 3 is in the bag! 3 more to go...

We met with the oncologist today and she was happy with the blood work since Rose had some pretty low levels after treatment 2. Low white and red counts are expected but if they get too low, you get to take another drug to help keep them higher. So, Rose gets to give herself (I might help!) 5 small injections this week to see if that works better. Otherwise, things look good - no acne after the last treatment and nausea was kept to a minimum. Mostly just fatigue.[...]

Posted 2017-07-16T21:44:00Z

Quick update...

(From Rose) It has been a while since we updated this. Since we last posted I managed the days of nausea after chemo pretty good with keeping anti nausea drugs on board while getting plenty of fluids. 

My sister Marsha spent 3 days with me over the 4th of July holiday. Steve worked 72 hours straight so I wanted company. It was a good thing she was here as my blood counts dropped and I was very fatigued. I slept and slept! I have become a pretty good nap taker![...]

Posted 2017-06-27T02:01:21Z

2 down, 4 to go!

Rose had chemo treatment #2 today and she is killing cancer...big time! Her doctor was unable to feel the tumor any more which was good news. Dr. Stella also said that she didn't expect a repeat of the painful acne that showed up after the first treatment. Her treatment was shortened today by about an hour and a half which was nice. They could speed up the drugs since Rose didn't have any adverse reactions last time. They say they can cut it down a little more next time too. [...]

Posted 2017-06-19T16:03:10Z

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Over the past couple days I started noticing some hair loss, but after taking June Bug for a walk Sunday morning I took my ball cap off and felt my hair coming out at a more rapid rate. I looked around and realized I was seeing more of my hair on the floor than my dogs fur...UH OH![...]

Posted 2017-06-13T16:16:47Z

Music therapy

For the second year in a row, we had an opportunity to host a neighborhood concert for a couple of amazing Nashville-based bands! It's a long story on how this started last year, but they were scheduled to perform last week before Rose got her diagnosis and she was determined to have them here. The bands politely offered to cancel, but Rose was really looking forward to them coming and the bands did not disappoint! About 60 neighbors and friends attended and the weather cooperated, except for a 10 minute sprinkle. We would have invited more people but we needed to keep a limit on it and keep it manageable. Plus, we didn't know for sure how many people would show up until that night! [...]

Posted 2017-06-07T18:30:03Z

June 7 _ Doing OK

Just wanted to let you know I am doing OK. I have had some nausea, usually in the middle of the night, but it has been managed by medication. The steroid I had to take post chemo day has made be a bit hyper, so not a lot of sleep but that should be wearing off soon. I have taken my dog June bug for walks and puttered around in my garden.[...]

Posted 2017-06-06T02:44:53Z

Photos from chemo - day 1

Rose got through her chemo treatment (see story below) thanks to the power of her mom's prayer shawl and her new "Dammit Doll". Rose has a friend that works in the chemo area and she gave Rose a super nice bag of goodies today! Snacks, drinks, vitamins, the new "doll", and lots more. It's good to know nice people! :)[...]

Posted 2017-06-06T02:35:00Z

One down, five to go...

We made it through chemo day 1! It was a long day made shorter by some great friends. 

We arrived at the clinic at 8am and met with Dr. Stella, the oncologist. She is so good at putting us at ease. Our stress level was high going into the meeting and much lower coming out. She never makes you feel rushed and explains everything very well. Rose is very interested in trying acupuncture and Dr. Stella agreed it was a great idea. She set up a referral (they already contacted Rose this afternoon) as well as a meeting with a dietitian to get some ideas to try and eat healthy through all this.[...]