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Posted 2017-10-27T00:50:03Z

Surgery #1 is done.

Hi again - Steve here. We just finished a 12 hour out-patient day at Meriter Hospital so Rose could have her partial mastectomy. It was a long day involving radiation imaging, regular imaging, nerve blocks, etc. Rose handled it very well and the staff called her a "good patient". :) The surgeon gave us some good news. He was able to find 3 lymph nodes and remove them to test for cancer spread. If he was unable to find 3 or one of them came back positive for cancer, he'd have to remove them all which causes long term arm drainage problems. Fortunately, all 3 were negative for cancer spread. He felt confident that he was able to find and remove the areas in the breast they were concerned about but the real test will be next week when we get the pathology report that tells us if we got it all or not. If some cancer remains, Rose will have to go in and have a full mastectomy. If it comes back ok and they got it all, then she'll have her first plastic surgery the first week of November. Then 6 weeks of radiation, then another surgery. [...]

Posted 2017-10-20T02:13:27Z

Surgery Update

From Rose:

I have decided to have a partial mastectomy instead of a full. There were many factors to consider and it was not easy, but the important thing is that all the options were going to give me the same odds and the same results of getting rid of the cancer for good.  Both surgeons told me they would encourage their family member to go with what I have chosen. [...]

Posted 2017-10-14T15:40:20Z

Surgery appointments

On Wednesday we had our meeting with my surgeon. Because my MRI looks good this has “possibly” added more options. On Friday I met with a reconstruction plastic surgeon so he could determine what types of plastic surgery I was a good candidate for...we had a good meeting, but I have a lot of things to think about. My case is being discussed by doctors from surgery, plastics and oncology and radiology oncology to determine the best options for me to consider. I hope to learn more next week. All good news, but a bit confusing right now. [...]

Posted 2017-10-09T21:38:12Z

Monday, Oct 9th Update

Today I had my 3 week appointment at the clinic. This marks the first time in months it was NOT for chemo. I saw my oncologist who was thrilled to show me my MRI. It was interesting to see the images from back in May and from last week where there is no sign of the tumor. (She did have her nurse call me last week to give me the “fantastic “ news.) Dr. Stella explained there could still be microscopic cancer in the breast but this result is the very reason why they now do chemo first with HER2 breast cancer patients. [...]