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Posted 2017-09-19T00:45:21Z

#6 is in the books!

Rose completed chemo number 6 of 6 today. She finished strong too. Her doctor said her lab work looked good and so we got her treatment started about 9:15am and we finished before 2pm. Just in time to get home and watch them finish putting our new roof on today. Sorry if this rambles a bit...we've been busy!

Lots of encouragement from Rose's posse today too! Barb, Lisa, Emily, Nina and Lori (who made every appointment!) helped us today by visiting. Nurse Kelly hung the bag of drugs today and was a hoot, as usual. The pharmacy at 1 South Park messed up a prescription, as usual. Hurricane Maria just turned into a Cat 5 hurricane, as usual.[...]

Posted 2017-09-15T13:58:24Z

Firefighters are the BEST!

On Wednesday night the crew from Madison Fire Station #9 invited us to have dinner with them. They had a busy day so it was nice of them to make such a nice meal. They gave me some beautiful flowers and a card too. Thank you LT Kevin Sherry, AE Jon Byrd, FF Steve Foulks and FF Chris Heck! Steve's co-workers have been very supportive through this journey.[...]

Posted 2017-09-13T16:40:52Z

Naps are good!

Just a quick update....I am doing good and getting out for daily walks with June Bug. The weather in Madison has been so nice the last few days. Steve worked a 48-hour shift earlier in the week, so my brother-in-law Scott and sister-in-law Diane came from Rochester, MN to "rose sit." Diane spoiled me with her cooking talents and Scott and I had a contest on who could take the most naps. I am not sure who won.[...]

Posted 2017-09-06T20:25:45Z

Chemo #5 plus one week...and two days!

Mark those calendars. We have an official date for the LAST chemo day! We'll be going in September 18 at 8:30am for the last major chemo treatment which will last about 6 hours or so. Rose will still need to go in every 3 weeks for Herceptin chemo but it only takes about an hour and doesn't have any of the side effects of the current drugs. That will go on until June of next year and we will enjoy not having to take so many pills and all the goofy things the heavy duty chemo brings with it. [...]