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Posted 2015-07-07T19:58:17Z

Chemo Infusions Are Done!!!

Yesterday was my very last chemo infusion!  WOOHOO!  I'm so thankful to have them behind me and that it went smoothly.  Originally I was supposed to have it done on July 2nd (last Thursday); however, we postponed it due to a spinal headache.  

On June 29th I had my last methotrexate injection into my spine.  The procedure went well, and I laid flat for the following 24+ hours.  But I did develop a spinal headache where every time that I sat up my headache would get worse and when I would lay down it would get better.  As planned I showed up for my chemo infusion on July 2nd, but I was pretty uncomfortable and not able to lay flat to have the headache diminish.  My doctor agreed to delay chemo and order a blood patch, which is similar to an epidural.  They place a needle into the same space that an epidural would be give, draw 15-20 cc of your blood and then inject it into your back.  After the methotrexate injection, I either did not develop a clot or had a partial clot where they had injected the methotrexate.  By injecting my blood into my back, my body had the raw components to build a new clot.  Thank God, it worked well!  When they had me sit up for the procedure I could feel the headache getting worse, but by the end of the procedure I didn't have any headache!  Praise Jesus!

So now that I have completed my last chemo infusion and methotrexate injection, what is next?  After completing the 3 week chemo cycle, I will get another PET scan.  If things still look clear, then I will have my port surgically removed.  For the following year I will get a PET scan, blood work and visit the doctor quarterly.  Year 2 of remission I will get a PET scan, blood work and visit the doctor twice.  After that I will have the same work up annually.  

Prayer Requests -

  • Thank God for His mercy and kindness to me as I have gone through this whole process.  I have had minimal side effects and am in remission!
  • Thank God that my last chemo infusion and methotrexate injection are behind me!
  • Thank God that the blood patch worked and my spinal headache went away!
  • Thank God for the wonderful family, friends, coworkers and medical team that have supported, loved, cared and prayed for me throughout this whole process!
  • Pray that my remaining chemo cycle will go well.
  • Pray that I never have any type of cancer ever again!

Thank you for caring, supporting and praying for me throughout this journey!

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