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Ryne is recovering slowly from a severe TBI associated with a MVA on Valentines Day in 2009.

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Posted 2020-01-20T15:07:00Z


Ryne is a hard one to figure. When you do not have the use of speech and have expressive and motor control issues you are handicapped in getting across your feelings. This season for us all is a challenge, but maybe even more so for Ryne. For ten years Ryne had us all in his life providing everything, and most distinctively that was Tami. Whether it was showering, nail care, hair cuts, fashion, teeth brushing, hair care, or even holiday and birthday celebration, Tami was his first source. That has been gone other than a word here or there for 6 months. Perhaps he daily held out hope, quietly, that she would be back. Maybe Ryne just thought it was a short season away and all would return to his normal at some point. He now knows it will not. “How can it be?”, he must be thinking. Even when you are deeply aware of what she had and how it all unfolded you think this must just be a bad dream. We will all just wake up and it will not be true. We will have just been on a bad ride and it will be over and we will return relieved back to our previous norm for us. Not so. His momma’s touch and voice and love are gone, and even her chewing out. Crap! “God, please tell her I will some day find her.” Part of a lifetime I will learn to live with, but not eternity. Nope, not eternity.

He slept interruptedly last night, after the night before being so incredibly sound. The night before last he did not even awaken during turns, and in contrast last night it was an almost hourly short awakening. Was he just thinking? Holli checked everything she could think of to be sure of his comfort. He was warm and dry and properly positioned. Maybe thinking...



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