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Ryne is recovering slowly from a severe TBI associated with a MVA on Valentines Day in 2009.

Latest journal entry


Good morning. I have still not conveyed my weird driving dream to you.

Michael texted me in the middle of the night with this dream so I had to send it forward.


"I was working on a night I wasn’t scheduled and I had a feeling something was up. Ryne was restless and didn’t seem to be settling down. I kept asking him “what’s up” checking to see if his brief was soiled or wet with no results. Temp in the room was good. Vitals were stable and within limits. I was in the kitchen charting and I heard the covers fluffing, so I went to see if he might be having a seizure, and he was tangled in the covers and almost sideways in the bed. He had this annoyed look on his face. Glad I had the side rails up.


I got the covers straightened up and went to get the pillows to place him on his side and I heard him kicking the covers off I turned around and watched him finish kicking the covers off and turn sideways in the bed and with a determined focus look on his face, using a kip maneuver, sat up. I moved over rapidly to keep him from falling and as I was approaching him he leaned forward and stood up! He started to walk. At first like a new deer trying to find his legs but becoming more stable as he went. At this point I’m trying to get my phone out of my pocket to record all this, then, thinking to myself, I don’t want to leave him but I gotta wake Mark & Tami. I told Ryne “You gotta go wake your folks” so we proceeded through the kitchen and entered the room and I turned on the lights and the dogs started barking and y’all woke up and so did I…"

Okay now. How can you not love that dream.




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