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Ryne is recovering slowly from a severe TBI associated with a MVA on Valentines Day in 2009.

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So much is new. Gosh, where do I start? 

Ryne is awesome. He has had one short seixure involving his shoulders and hips 3 weeks ago, and had one involving his abdomen 2 days ago. The one with his abdomen has cool in 2 regards. First, he was alert during it with no fear in his face or in his expression , adding new tone to muscles of his lower abdomenal wall. Secondly, it stopped after only 3 minutes, but when it seemed to re-start he had a determined look and had multiple hard swallows seeming to suppress and resolve the contractions. Two says later at PT he did really well for Michelle (thanks, even though heartache still is only a few days behind her). A day after that he did the best focus with his eyes in terms of direction and hold ever. It was really incredible.

my Dad, step-mom, and sisters Judy and Shelley visited for a week. I wish it could have been 2. Judy talked to him privately every morning, and the day we visited Yosemite National Park Ryne cried when she said goodbye. We told him it was only for the day and he seemed fine. He got teary again when they all left. Us too.

Tami had yet another visit to Stanford today, and this follows three done before and precedes two more to come. Ryne is used to us coming back. What looked like just an autoimmune primary sclerosing cholangitis now seems to also be a cholangiocarcinoma. We are standing on this and working toward a resolution. We also know God will never leave our side. I am praying we will have a testimony of change and glory can go to the Father.




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