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Ryne is recovering slowly from a severe TBI associated with a MVA on Valentines Day in 2009.

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This has been a hectic week in Houston. Tami is on a crash course of central line IV therapy as well as how to prepare the iv bags. She is not as tired as a week ago, which may be secondary to the nutritional supplements she is on. Her anemia was a concern, but today was better than 2 days earlier. We are certain we are in the right place yet are frustrated with our system of medicine that on some levels may mean well, but is shifted based on who/what controls which therapy is reimbursed. If not for the incredible help and confidence of caring friends and family we would just be waiting for palliation to fail. The HOW dinner/auction/raffle was enormously helpful as was the caring gracious help from go fund me. Trevino’s are offering to help. All of this brings us a month closer to resolution. Initially in fear; instead we are now here thinking hope and expectation. Ryne needs us both, and it is our faithful expectation to care for him together until his testimony. 

Ryne is well as we are gone, and I thank our kids, the nurses (Michael, Robin, and Cathy), care facilitators (Bob, Michelle, Jenny, and Ann), and so many more. It takes so many, but even then I will need to return tomorrow. Jorene will be here with Tami and I will be reminding Ryne how much his momma loves him. 

Thank you all.

Humbly shared in Faith and Patience.

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