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Posted 2019-11-15T15:58:53Z


Well, today is Niki’s Wedding Day, and Tami is in the hospital again. Her Hgb/Hct had been very low, adding to her fatigue, but it went below 7 on her Hgb and required a transfusion. Her wbc count spiked for two days in a row, revealing an infection somewhere, leading to cultures and antibiotics once again. Tami knew she was too weak to make it to the wedding this week, but it still hurts a lot for her not to attend. She is tired and sad, and my heart breaks for her. She is also in tremendous pain again. 馃槗

Ryne is hanging in there, but he has noticed her absence. It has been 5 months since she has been able to care for him and over three since she could even have extended words with him. It shows in his willingness to engage like before. He is strong, and he is healthy, but like many who love Tami, he is sad.

I am still praying for a miracle.



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  • Terri Laudate
    Terri Laudate

    Thank you for the update Mark!So many people are praying for Tami and your family! I feel heartbroken but I know the Lord has a plan! We love you guys and we are praying every day for you! We will be at the wedding watching your gorgeous daughter get married and missing Tami! Terri鉂わ笍🙏鉂わ笍

    7 months agoReply
  • Vivian Cheeseman
    Vivian Cheeseman

    Today, we will be in constant and continual prayer... for Niki, on her most special of days... for Tami, as her mother's heart longs to be with her daughter, for Ryne, as he sorts out the events of the day while missing his mom, for Cale, as he stands strong for his sister, and for you, as you are there with your precious girl, while longing for Tami to be there celebrating with you. It will be a hard day, but joyous, as well! We're here, and praying. Take lots of pictures and videos to share with Tami. Even if it's hard for her to fully enjoy them right now, she'll know they're there and available. We're praying for a miracle, too.

    7 months agoReply
  • Pam Brake
    Pam Brake

    First, congratulations to your Daughter on her marriage, may she be blessed with a long and happy life. As always, my prayers are with you and Tami, and all of you.

    7 months agoReply
  • Terri Miller
    Terri Miller

    As always my prayer is for you and your family. Today is a special day for Nikki and Tami's heart must be breaking as she misses her daughter's wedding, but as Terri L said the Lord has a plan for you all and He will not fail you. Try and enjoy the day and take all your memories to share with Tami. I will keep on praying for Tami and Ryne, and especially for you,Mark, as you lead your family on this journey. Deut 31:6 and Ps 21:7. Your courage comes from our Heavenly Father and it will carry you through this.

    7 months agoReply
  • Stephanie Jaurique
    Stephanie Jaurique

    Prayers of happiness and blessings to Niki and her new husband. Gods blessings, love, uplifting spirit are with you all on this momentous day. I prayed so hard for all of you and that Tami could be there. I continue to lift you all up for your prayers to be answered fir Tamis miracle. I pray fir Ryne as well because I know this isn鈥檛 easy on him either. You are all loved and prayed fir by so many. God is with you, holding your hands and comforting your each step of the way. 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

    7 months agoReply
  • Alyssa Michelle
    Alyssa Michelle I'm sorry. I haven't been praying at night. I just don't go to bed in a capable mindset. I thought ryne's mom was cured of cancer. I'm so sorry.

    7 months agoReply