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Posted 2019-12-09T14:32:00Z


Tami is so tired of being in the hospital. I am tired for her. While she is quite tired of that room, we are getting too used to it as well. We try around our schedule to have someone there as much as possible. If only we could bring Ryne. So many things have unfolded. We spoke to Stanford about the difficulties we face with her obstruction of the gastric outflow. Her stomach being so distended just adds to the nausea, acid loss, and respiratory annoyance. All seem in a consensus to place a PEG tube to help all of these symptoms for Tami. Yesterday would have been the day except her potassium had dropped again too low for anesthesia and clotting had taken a big dump and was grossly abnormal with an INR over 6. That triggered the need for FFP and Vit K. She will sadly need an N-G tube to decompress the stomach before going to the OR, but I hope she can be controlled enough and stable enough to come home at some point. Last night she looked at me and asked, “Am I going home tonight?”. She did not throw up blood yesterday, and her pain was much better. I’m not  sure why, but happy anyway that that component was set aside for a day. That allowed her to be so much more connected to us and to the conversation. Got a few smiles and one laugh as a consequence of our silliness. She didn’t even mind football. That was an unexpected plus, ha.

Ryne is really good. He will have his occasional teary episode, but quickly re-groups and is well. His health is so good and he physically looks ready to rumble. We are waiting. 



Cale sent me that video the night before last before a dinner meeting. I was pretty sure it would not paste to here because I have tried so many times before with other videos. On a whim I tried again. This time it worked.

Go figure...


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Comments (3)

  • Ronald Traylor
    Ronald Traylor

    Continuing to ask and trust God to remove every bit of the cancer and raise her up. He is able! Loved the video.

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Teresa Langford
    Teresa Langford

    Praying Tami is able to return home feeling better and that today is a day with many smiles. Through Faith and Patience, Love, The Langford Clan. PS. "When we Pray" is one of my favorite songs! (disc 2 of WOW 2019).

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Vivian Cheeseman
    Vivian Cheeseman

    Praying for successful surgery that brings relief, a very short time with the awful NG tube, and a trip home very soon. Great video!

    3 months ago · Reply