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Posted 2020-01-15T15:04:29Z


Ryne is better today. He slept better last night and is not crying like before. I hate to see him cry, but oh how it helps to see how connected he is to what is happening when he otherwise can not tell us in his own words. He really did well with Michelle in PT (thanks) and seemed relaxed up in his recliner last evening. If only he could just turn another corner with a successful mindset. As time continues to move on we shall see.

Tami would be proud of me. She asked me to downsize 4 months ago and turn in our new vehicle. It was hard to part with, but I honored her advice finally yesterday. I would be doing nothing but staring at it, and her jeep was the vehicle she loved to drive. That one will always be here, also as she is in our hearts. 

Thank you so very much Becca and Natalie for the wonderful dinner you brought on Monday. It was my first day back to work and made all the difference in the world.



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Comments (4)

  • Terri Mulder
    Terri Mulder

    Baby steps, but then you're used to that, right? Love you guys.

    8 months ago · Reply
  • Vivian Cheeseman
    Vivian Cheeseman

    I'm so glad that Ryne had a good night's rest. It makes all the difference in how we feel. I'm praying for you as you ease back into the everyday.

    8 months ago · Reply
  • Shelley Yuran
    Shelley Yuran

    She was proud of you no matter what... so good to hear you went back to work, she would have wanted you to.. Happy Ryne is trying so hard, these past months have taken a toll on your whole family, there, and here in Michigan as well. Tami was so loved by many, she will live on in our hearts and memories...

    8 months ago · Reply
  • Bev McCann
    Bev McCann

    One day one step at a time. Sweet memories dreams and visions. Gods blessings, that help us with that one step and one day at a time. Prayers for Ryne and the rest of the family as they take one step at a time as well. Much love to y’all

    8 months ago · Reply