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Posted 2020-11-27T18:57:53Z


Another Holiday, another landmark, another gathering, and another reflection. Ryne and I talked about how important his recovery is. He swallows as he stares in my eyes as the story is about him, and about life, and about recovery, and about surviving and being saved in every way that someone can be saved. Ryne is so encouraging to me because he does give in. He does not lay down. He fights. Yesterday Cathy said he didn’t like the blanket she put on him, so first he turned his head, then lifted his leg and gave a little groan. He had his face a little twisted up, but she asked him if he wanted the blanket off. Ryne relaxed after swallowing, and when she removed it he was relaxed and calm in his face. She cracked up that Ryne just told her “what was up”. My day with Ryne was odd, and it was in unusual waves. Ariana was sequestered with Cale and her injured dog Missie. Ariana was taking care of patients who were positive for the SarsCoV2 virus that causes the so-called CoViD-19. She had some nausea and sniffles for a day each and it was over. The likelihood was inevitable given her front line status and the worthless effectiveness of masks and PPE as they are being promoted. Her paucity of symptoms was expected, and seems a bit less than the vaccine, however her response to a vaccine may have been the same as her response to the virus, but who will know? What I do know is that the threat of her having this, and even though she was 2 closed doors and 30 feet away, the first Thanksgiving without Tami was forever a different memory than expected. The CCP Virus, and moronic way we have handled it, stole that away. I am so glad she did not have to witness it. I made the turkey and casserole anyway, in this eerily silent house with just Ryne and I on this end of the house. Traci (thank you) dropped off hominy and her famous bread. I will never forget that. Once the food was cooking it got a little quieter even though Cathy was here to care for Ryne. Then the day shifted gears. Kyle, Sunshine(Margie), and Kolby stopped by. I let them know our CoViD status, and it turns out Marge is pregnant with another little boy. They decided rightly so to move on down the road. I can not get it due to contracting it in February before we knew what we were dealing with. Sickest I had been in years, but only for 2 days and it was gone. Then Dan came by to help supervise my food supervision, ha. I learned that Sally, Dave, Melanie, Taylor, Owen, and Jadyn (all from the same family household) were coming by. They just had to see Ariana, even a glimpse. They did not want Ryne and I alone. Dan and I visited from either side of the firepit and visited Ryan by facetime. All of a sudden it was time for removing food from their respective cooking receptacles. Dan shot home and I took turkey over to Margaret and Nita while group facetiming the scattered flock. It was fun, but not enough. Messed up like all of this past year. Then, it was time for our dinner, with a full seating. That led to a firepit with Khalid, Mohammed, and Maizie(sp?) joining our fire separated gaggle. Then, all at once it was 9pm and a crazy day had found it’s way passed. But, Ryne was good with voices and well-wishing around him like in his past. It was important for him, and also for me. We would not have been alone in the spirit, nor are any of us for that matter, but we see this life we participate in is the one we are more freely attached to. We have to feel instead of look. Mixing senses for what we should more clearly look for is the truest survival, and there we find a crowd from yesterday as well as today. We made it though. And we became prudent and wise simultaneously.

thank you Lord...


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  • Carrie Bogue
    Carrie Bogue

    Great news you had a thanksgiving full of unexpected friends and family, good food conversation and fire. Also good to hear Ryne is doing things his way when he can. Until next post stay blessed

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Mary Estrella
    Mary Estrella

    Continued prayers,,

    3 months ago · Reply
  • Vivian Cheeseman
    Vivian Cheeseman

    SUCH a different kind of year for us all, but even more so for the Spitzer household. We continue our prayers for you all.

    3 months ago · Reply