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Posted 2020-12-28T07:51:52Z


So what do you do at one year? You reflect. You start at a year ago, and that was painful. Watching someone suffer is suffering in the soul, but watching and feeling them leave is a final act that just seems like a dream world and not a real world. It is numbing. Then you remember your promises, and you take note of your responsibilities, and you keep your word. When you are lucky enough to have young people in your life, as well as friends and family, you are blessed in your moments of sorrow. Don’t miss the blessing in the midst of your grief. Do not. If you do, you will have minimized the communal effort already given. You see, we are supposed to be one, not separate. God gave us immune systems for a reason, and if only we would quit messing up His creation we would not have people forcing us apart, and in that missing the mercy and grace meant to come our way. Christmas was different, but how could it not be, for anyone? The trick is to use the creations that I have come to despise for the wickedness that is perpetrated through their use, and find your salvation that is being ripped away from you. Use that technology for, and so we did. We connected with grandparents, siblings, nieces & nephews, friends, and found ourselves feeling we are in their midst. Love cures many things, and we must not let it be taken away. We must stand and we must walk.

Andrew, Violet, Khalid, Mohammed, Ryan, Alex, Akiko, Max, John, Mikayla, Divan, Becky, Marc, and others. Thank you all so much. I am more because of you.

For all of you, Traci is getting married to Jose in 3 days, and I have the honor of officiating their ceremony. 



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  • Carrie Bogue
    Carrie Bogue

    I have been thinking of you and kids knowing this time of year would be particularly rough on the heartstrings. It’s a wonderful thing how God has woven lives together and it is at these times where loved ones prop us up through the difficult and unbearable feelings we have to go through in this road of life. I am glad you have love surrounding you God did say this is the greatest without it where would we all be?

    2 months ago · Reply
  • Vivian Cheeseman
    Vivian Cheeseman

    You are always in our daily prayers, but especially over the last week. I can only imagine how hard this year has been. Please know that there are many who continue to offer our support of your journey.

    2 months ago · Reply