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Posted 2021-01-12T16:05:43Z


Good morning. I just have to thank God, as well as all who have prayed for Ryne during this Pandemic (as it were), as he has remained consistently healthy without even a sniffle while many around him have been virus positive. Many have had minimal symptoms including anosmia and dysgeusia, but he has had no outward even simple signs of anything untoward. For something that will eventually reach everyone he seems to have been sheltered and protected. (With this antifear rhetoric and God faith I wonder if I will be censored?) The many facial gestures of Ryne seem to be more active these days, and I enjoy reassuring him or laughing with some of them given the fact that for years they were missing. I wonder what he thinks of the current events I continue to regail him with? He must be aghast that half of our country is okay with unilateral censorship of opinion when most of the world is mortified. Even our oversees dissidents prefer “all” to have the right to public discourse and opinion. This threatens all we have fought for for almost 250 years! Now throwing it away after artificial fear mongering. I am reminded of a quote my friend Jim recently reminded me of from Benjamin Franklin, and I paraphrase, “Those who would give up liberty for momentary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.”.

No wonder Ryne is more facially animated!


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