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Bev McCann Bev McCann

Prayers and standing in faith with you all.

Ronald Traylor Ronald Traylor

Awesome dream of what is on the verge of happening!

Carolee Miller Carolee Miller

We have never met but you are a former neighbor of my daughter. I have followed all of your posts from Day One. You are a gifted writer and an inspiration. I know God hears and sees you and each of your family members. Just know you are undergirded in prayer.

Jeannie Bliss Jeannie Bliss

What a beautiful post - Thank you for sharing your feelings, your thoughts and your love...

Vivian Cheeseman Vivian Cheeseman

Dr. Spitzer,
Thank you for your faithfulness in writing your updates. We carry Ryne in our hearts and prayers daily, and reading your posts helps us to visualize how he grows and changes. We're here, and listening.

Bob Alkema Bob Alkema

Been here the whole time, never miss reading your posts and praying for you and your family during this arduous, wearisome, faith testing, edifying, and often uplifting journey

Jeannie Bliss Jeannie Bliss

I am still listening and reading your messages. You are all in my prayers, always.

Mary Estrella Mary Estrella

My continued prayers are with Ryne always

Teresa Langford Teresa Langford

3031 & 10366
New site seems to be very user friendly - Your daily posts do uplift us all. Through Faith & Patience
Teresa, Grant, Alli, Matt, Mel & Jack

Cynthia A Temple Cynthia A Temple

Happy for you and for all of us, you will continue a daily Ryne update and a spiritual message for each of us to ponder, thank you

Jeannie Bliss Jeannie Bliss

Good Job Dr. Spitzer..! Keep up the good work. Your daily posts lift me up more then you will ever know...
You are all in my prayers, continuously...

Kathy Nemethy Kathy Nemethy

I can't wait to see how this works. I, along with probably all the Soldiers of Support, was almost heartbroken. But He heard our prayers, dried our tears, and opened the new path on this journey. 😻🙏
Hugs and kisses, belly rubs and ear scratches, fruit and seeds, lettuce and grapes, and a hugged you-hug-hug to you all. We love you and are, as ALWAYS, standing by. Gma Betty, Paul, Don and Kathy