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Posted 2015-11-16T06:36:33Z

The Greenpeace report comes after a series of investigations

It might be hard to imagine that the exercise could be hurting your health. It turns out even while you're doing something with Wicking yarn healthy, what you wear while doing so could be cause for concern.
Defenders of public health, including Greenpeace and European regulators who oversee chemical safety are becoming increasingly concerned by evidence showing a possible link between the issues of sportswear and health such as cancer, obesity and developmental disorders. While toxic chemicals is a longstanding problem in various types of clothing, sportswear presents a particular problem because sweat and friction can cause more rapid absorption of toxins in the body.
The Greenpeace report comes after a series of investigations in recent years UV-protection fabric and garment , highlighting the potential health risks of various chemicals used in sportswear - mainly dyes, solvents and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), which make the elements water, grease and stain proof.

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