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About This Site

Optimally Debulked

In June 2015 it was discovered I have endometrial cancer, so I had a radical hysterectomy (from which comes the title of this site) and am embarking on chemotherapy. This is a record of my journey and a communication channel for my amazingly wonderful and supportive friends and family.

June 3 the great staff at the Rawlins County (KS) Health Center ER diagnosed why for three weeks or so I had been having such abdominal discomfort, lack of appetite and eventually shortness of breath. The next day I traveled 30 miles to Colby to Citizens Medical Center; Dr. Kelly Gabel drained 6 litres off my abdomen and gave me temporary relief: I felt much better immediately. Tuesday, June 9, I returned to Colby for a radical hysterectomy. Surgery that was to be 4 hours extended to 7 and they also removed my spleen, other bits, and six lymph nodes from my abdomen (not to mention more litres of fluid). Took me awhile to come out from the anesthesia, but I got terrific care at the Colby hospital and rebounded pretty well, though my stay was 10 days rather than the 4-5 originally planned. Dismissed with instructions to do as much for myself as I could, but no bending, lifting, twisting, pulling, and to lie prone as much as possible, but to walk, I relocated to my youngest brother, Paul's, rural home for a good recuperation. Tara, his wife, gave me wonderful, supportive care despite being 5 months pregnant. Several college and other friends came to stay a few days, to give Tara and Paul relief (especially during wheat harvest), and I enjoyed watching with each of them as the wind traveled over the grain fields in a movement the Japanese call hunami and then later in the evening as the sun set over the high plains. Some nights it was even cool enough to sit outside and enjoy the view.