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Posted 2015-10-23T15:43:00Z

Pre-birthday trip and beyond!

Too much to catch up on! Thurs., Oct. 15, after a full day of chemo, I flew to Minneapolis to visit my dear friend Kim Dayton. I was surprised by the arrivals of Douthart friends Ruth Lindly and Juanita Roberts and then Kshama Ananthapura flew in from Boston. The five of us had a lovely time visiting and eating, with some walks in the fall color. I can't get the photos to insert properly in this text, so I'll post them separately.[...]

Posted 2015-10-14T01:59:26Z

Another perk!

I hope all my Kansas City friends and acquaintances will go for breakfast or lunch at the Classic Cookie in Waldo. My 'landlord' Barbara took me there for lunch on a last-minute whim today. After taking our order, the owner--Don Peattie--admired my cap and asked me if I was wearing it because I was going through something. When he heard I was in treatment, he picked the check up off the table and said lunch was on him! And it was a tasty lunch: I had a hot chicken dish with a spinach salad, while Barbara had 1/2 a chicken salad sandwich and side salad. We didn't indulge in the cookies, but they have delicious ones and other bakery treats.When we were leaving, Don said to return when I was over this, so we could celebrate. I'll be sure to do that! [...]

Posted 2015-10-11T16:16:27Z

Visitors! & hair

My sister, Katy, was kind enough to drive my mother from Atwood to Kansas City (400 miles) this weekend to visit me in my borrowed townhouse. Barbara, the friend who is loaning me housing, furnished a lovely lunch of steak soup, sandwiches and fruit. Chelsi came from Lawrence to have supper with us, at Renee Kelly's Harvest; brother-in-law Bob treated for our upcoming birthdays! I wore my new wig out in public for the first time. It might not be as red as some of you were hoping for, but all who have seen it so far think it is just right. [...]

Posted 2015-10-05T17:47:47Z

Dealing with the inevitable

My hair still looked sort of okay in front, but this past week had gotten pretty scarce in back, so I had Marty take me to Great Clips for a head shave. A delightful young beautician made it a simple, pleasant process, and I'm doing okay with a bare head. Bring on the scarves and hats! Thursday I get fitted for a wig. Oh, and the haircut was free at Great Clips -- a great company![...]

Posted 2015-10-05T17:38:40Z

Sorry not to update for 10 days.

There's not a lot of news, so I can't think of much to post. Thursday I had the second (of three) chemo of my 3rd round (of eight), and everything went well. Friday I finally got a port-catheter installed in my left chest, so all future chemo, blood draws, etc. can use the port and I don't have to be poked for an IV. It has been getting increasingly difficult to find a good vein for the weekly IVs (chemo is tough on veins), but I couldn't get the port previously because of the various infections associated with my original incision. Everything seems to be healed up and healthy now, so the port could be put in. It was a simple process, by a very good, experienced surgeon. The port is not bothering me, though I can feel it when I move.[...]

Posted 2015-09-24T18:33:28Z

Resuming chemo

YEAH!! Had a positive visit with the oncologist this morning (the number of the CS125 marker has been reduced by half!) and am starting my third (of eight) cycle of chemo at 8 tomorrow morning. Next week I'll get back on a Thursday rotation and hopefully proceed through the full process without anymore delays.[...]

Posted 2015-09-24T02:03:33Z

Making progress

I was back at the main KU Med today and had my drains and stitches removed!! Feeling good and they said my THIRD incision is healing well (and the drains weren't getting anything out anymore). Thursday I see the oncologist and hope to restart chemo. Also to reschedule my port implant that had to be postponed.[...]

Posted 2015-09-10T22:44:47Z

Sad news

My father, Irven Wesley Hayden Jr., slipped over to the other side this morning. He was 94 and 4 months, and had a long, good & happy life until a couple weeks ago. We are thankful for him, that he is no longer suffering, and that his end came peacefully at home.[...]