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Posted 2015-10-14T01:59:26Z

Another perk!

I hope all my Kansas City friends and acquaintances will go for breakfast or lunch at the Classic Cookie in Waldo. My 'landlord' Barbara took me there for lunch on a last-minute whim today. After taking our order, the owner--Don Peattie--admired my cap and asked me if I was wearing it because I was going through something. When he heard I was in treatment, he picked the check up off the table and said lunch was on him! And it was a tasty lunch: I had a hot chicken dish with a spinach salad, while Barbara had 1/2 a chicken salad sandwich and side salad. We didn't indulge in the cookies, but they have delicious ones and other bakery treats.When we were leaving, Don said to return when I was over this, so we could celebrate. I'll be sure to do that! 

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