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Posted 2015-10-23T15:43:00Z

Pre-birthday trip and beyond!

Too much to catch up on! Thurs., Oct. 15, after a full day of chemo, I flew to Minneapolis to visit my dear friend Kim Dayton. I was surprised by the arrivals of Douthart friends Ruth Lindly and Juanita Roberts and then Kshama Ananthapura flew in from Boston. The five of us had a lovely time visiting and eating, with some walks in the fall color. I can't get the photos to insert properly in this text, so I'll post them separately.

Kim had gotten tickets for the Lyle Lovett-John Hiatt concert at the State Theatre, downtown Minneapolis, and while we were eating dinner before the show, I got a Facebook message from Lyle that he was leaving back stage passes for me at Will Call!! The concert was great, but the highlight was definitely meeting Lyle after. We chatted for several minutes and I managed to not make a fool of myself or babble. Then Lyle offered me tickets for his concert at the Lied Center in Lawrence the following Friday!

Sunday Kshama cooked us a delicious Indian meal, flavorful chicken, delicious chickpeas and several veggies (I chopped the beets!) and we had another wonderful day together, then people started to depart. I flew home Monday evening and Susan Glatt was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and also gave me a mini bundt cake for my birthday.

Which was the next day. I took a wool rug hooking class in the morning, then Valerie came from Lawrence and took Sharon and me to lunch (delightful sushi and other Japanese food). In the evening I headed to Seasons 52 on the Plaza with a couple friends and expecting Chelsi to join us, but several friends surprised me there and we were 10 for dinner! Had our own room, complete with a big screen to watch the end of the Royals game, and great service. The food was seasonal, fresh and some local; a wonderful meal!

The day after my birthday was a repeat -- friends took me out to lunch and to dinner! It has all been a bit overwhelming and now I'm taking it easy, resting up.

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