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Pamela Schmidt Pamela Schmidt

Last night eating out at the Bistro was such a lovely evening. Thanks for spending the "Back to the Future' future day with me. I love the new dress - lovely, elegant and perfect for another 'date' concert night with Lyle K! Enjoy it. Pam

Pamela Schmidt Pamela Schmidt

Sally, I agree the wig is a great style and color for you. I hope it is comfortable and I bet that it is easy to care for. Nice to not have to spend time washing and drying hair every day. As I emailed you, I starting painting the two chairs white (emailed pics), know that I have to get back to that later in the week after buying more spray paint. I want to get it all covered nicely in white for you and Helen to enjoy. I am very glad you like the cute bonus chair. I wish I found more than the one, but I think it is just darling. And it reminds me of your crafty 'caning' of the chair in our Douthart days.

So, I am trying to get the chairs painted well be fore Thanksgiving, but actually, I might be able to bring them to KC either Weds. 10/21 when I have a all day downtown meeting (else might make it early Nov.). If that Weds. 10/21 works, then I would love to take you and Helen out for dinner or at least that desert we have 'rain-checked'. It could be a little birthday desert treat.

I think you are back from MINN. by then. "If" LYLE lets you leave, as he might take you on tour with him..... :-) As we know and he knows that you are his biggest fan.
Love and Hugs, Pam

Julie Mortensen Julie Mortensen

Sally, You are looking great without hair. No need for a wig or scarf except for a fashion statement!
Love, Julie

Ruth Lindly Ruth Lindly

Sally, I saw your picture with your beautician- you look great! It's going to be chilly soon, though, so I'll start looking for hats. Are you really getting a red wig? Love and miss you, Ruth

Kim Dayton Kim Dayton

So looking forward to seeing you next week! Can't wait!!

Krista Simminger Krista Simminger

Sally, I think of you often and we do miss you at Hobby Club. Sounds like things are improving for you and we can hope for many more great days ahead as you fight this battle. You are an inspiration and a wonderful person. Can't wait to see you back in Atwood again. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
Love, Krista S.

Dotty Van Buren Dotty Van Buren

Thank you for setting up this cool website, Sally! Wish I was a creative "poster" but all I can think to say is that I love you and can't wait to see you soon. Love, Dotty