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My journey, all it's ups and downs and those who traveled with me,

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Wednesday April 25th,2018

Last post was lets get caught up. Saturday was a bust...Ronny was meeting a guy to pay for the new railing out front at 11 am but he did not show up until 130 pm..So much for getting things done. Did get my nails done in the morning.I am feeling like I am serving a prison term. Today makes 66 days of no driving and having to depend on others to get out of the house. And to think I have 20 more days to go and even then not sure I will be released to drive. Sunday was a little better, Ronny took me to Shop-Rite. Woo-Hoo.

Monday was quite home alone, but I am getting use to that. 

Tuesday, had an appointment with Dr. C., Chemo on hold for now. Another C-125 blood test scheduled for May to check my levels. It seems that in January my C-125 went up to 71 and then in February when I was admitted for the brain tumor it was 91. So being back to 32 makes Dr C. feel better. So if my C-125 holds then we will just ride the wave, if it goes up then we will do a scan and go from there. So that was good news for now. 

Today, I feel like shit. My legs and feet don't want to work right. And my stomach is upset. But Susan will be here around 11 and off we will go..Not sure what today holds but I am sure it will be interesting..

Have not really heard from my angels for awhile, maybe they flew away with their new wings....... 

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