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Monday, June 25th,2018

My rant on FB,

Okay, what's wrong with this picture. I went on line to find out about what I needed to ride on Para-Transit. I am required to complete a 10 page form, 4 pages by me and 6 pages by my doctor. The form ask about 10 different ways why can I not ride a normal bus, why can I not walk to a bus stop. It was easier for me to get my Medical Marijuana card. WTF. I wanted to use them to get to and from the hospital for visits, test and treatments. I hate to have Ronny take a day off of... work just to drive me. There are days I want him there, but that's only when I am getting the results from test and treatments. But it does not make sense for him to take off for the basic shit. He is going this Friday because he has not met my Vascular doctor yet and he will be discussing my up coming surgery. but next month I have like 4 appointments he does not need to be there for and since I am still on Keppra I am not allowed to drive. If I could take the regular bus I would need to take one into the city and then get another bus to go the hospital. Delaware transport systems suck. Sorry just needed to vent.

Not a whole bunch to list. Last week was quite. Sharon was suppose to visit on Tuesday but she was sick and did not want to subject me to the germs. Thank you Sharon.. Wednesday was not my usual running day with Susan. She treated me to lunch at Schaefer's Canal House, then we shopped. Great lunch..with a Good Friend...Mattie was suppose to visit on Thursday but had a daughter come down sick so that was out. Saturday after Ronny's shopping at BJ's and Farmers Market we stopped into the club. It was around noon so I got to see some people. Chance to talk to a few I have not seen. Sunday did not turn out to well...finally got Ronny to go to the Shoprite in Bear..and their entire refrigeration system was down, so we were not able to get everything we needed. and of course I had to be reminded it was my idea to go there........ Did get a pedi and fill at Sassy Nails. So needed. My feet were terrible. These Meds are drying my skin out so bad. Went to bed really early on Saturday and Sunday, not feeling well.If only my body felt as good as my brain. I think the upcoming surgery has me in knots. The really bad issues this weekend were Sunday. Ronny went for a ride on his bike and ran into an old friend, or so I thought, when he waved at him Ronny was ignored as if he wasn't even there. People amaze me. This was a couple who promised Ronny they were there for me when I got out of the hospital from brain surgery..well that lasted two weeks and puff..they were gone..No calls ..No shows...I know people have their own issues and I am not one to demand anything (except from my hubby) but if say you are going to do something then do it, if you need out then tell me. The whole seizure thing really had me upset and worried, so being alone was not the best for me.. Hopefully after my visit with the brain doctor on July 31st will get me back driving. Need to go back to work. The lack of money is getting worse. Ronny works hard everyday so I don't need him dealing with the money issue. He has enough on his mind. Been thinking about starting a "Go Fund Me" page where everything goes directly to Christiana Hospital. and all my doctors.

I think being cooped up in this house since February 18th( 127 days) has taken its toll..To much time to think..Ronny also turns 60 on July 15th and at one time really wanted to do something for him, but that will not happen. And then on the 25th is 21 years married for us. With the way July is going it doesn't look like I will be doing much other then camping out at the hospital. Surgery, 3 doctors appointments and a MRI. Yea July.....

One good thing to look forward to is maybe and hopefully my son Brandon, Jenna and my two grandbabies will be here for a visit.Come on August. 

Well so much for now. Love to all who read.

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