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Journey of Hope to Health

Information and heath updates for friends and family of Samuel & Karen Wenger on their journey from myelofibrosis to health.

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Test results

Since I last posted, Samuel's liver levels kept increasing and other blood levels kept dropping.  Last week the long term care team in Seattle asked for a bone marrow biopsy.  We got the results today.  There is no indication of disease in his marrow and the scarring that was there is totally gone!  It usually takes up to a year to heal.  Other blood levels that we were concerned about were either in normal range or heading there.  We've been seen weekly in Anchorage since we came home, but next week we can get blood tests locally and skip the trip in to see the Dr. 

We heard this line at church tonight "What looks like a “Break Down” is a setup for a “Break Through”.  We are thankful for the break through, and all of your prayers on our behalf.

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