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Carol Dufendach Carol Dufendach

Once again He proves He is a mighty God. Blessings to you and your family.

Robert and Lori Costanzo Robert and Lori Costanzo

We are so excited and encouraged by your miraculous healing and recovery. We believe that it is complete from your head down to your feet...and all through your bones....we can not wait to hear of all the great things the Lord has done through all this....only Eternity will tell of the Glory that the Lord has gained through all that He has taken you through...rejoicing with y'all!
Robert,Lori,Caleb,Lauren,Christopher,Suzanna,James,and Benjamin

Carol Dufendach Carol Dufendach

So very thankful for your recovery Samuel. You have been blessed of God.

Faith Gerber Faith Gerber

We're so thankful for continued healing! You're in our thoughts and prayers daily!

Kim and Terry Hardman Kim and Terry Hardman

So glad for the good news.... Praying for total and complete recovery :)

Carol Dufendach Carol Dufendach

Samuel, such wonderful news about your progress to total recovery. God is so good.
xoxo, Jon and Carol

Kevin Brandes Kevin Brandes

Glad to hear of the progress and good news. You're in my prayers. God is good!

Valerie Harris Valerie Harris

Congratulations, ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ Samuel!! What joy it brings to hear of your new immune system coming in so strongly!! Weโ€™re cheering you on here in MT and excited for
every step in your journey. You look terrific!! Sending much love to you and praises to our mighty God!!!

Janine Yunginger Janine Yunginger

Samuel, this is SO amazing! We serve an AWESOME God!!! He truly does far beyond what we could ask or think! Glory to God!

Hannah Mason Hannah Mason

Just wanted to let you both know that I have you continually on my heart. I listen to KLOVE radio alot and every time the song Masterpiece comes on reminds me that you had said it was your anthem through this time in your life. You are loved, supported and prayed for.

Carol Dufendach Carol Dufendach

Just stopping by to say "Hi" Jon and I have you continually on our hearts. Believing God for the best outcome ever.

Jinni Selvaggio Jinni Selvaggio

Have been thinking about the incredibleness (not a word) of this new blood, bringing you a new life and new hope! We trust that the God who makes all things new is making them new in you. Sending love...

Bev Porter Bev Porter

I'm not going to pretend I know what your thinking or going through Samuel. I'll share what I have learned from life's lessons and believe and hope the same for you and more. God works with us individually and knows our heart and needs. He will continue to love us through all our challenges. He is magnificent! I do know he is a God of love, compassion, understanding, hope, and grace. Through my illness, in the last few years, he has placed within me a peace and hope I have never known and find it impossible to express in words. I ask that he place the same in you and more! Much love to you Samuel. May you be touched by our Father like you have never known before.

Barbara schneider Barbara schneider

It must be so hard but I know the Lord is with samuel.

Alison Bailey Alison Bailey

So, so, so good to hear about the amazing harvest from David's bone marrow! Definitely exceeding abundantly more than we could have asked or thought. Lots of blessings and love from us over here for David in the recovery process and for you, Samuel, as you move into the silver phase! I only wish we were close enough to pop in for a visit. In every photo I see of you you look so radiant. Maybe they don't take photos on the bad days! Keep looking up, and keep smiling, and keep trusting the One Who can do exceeding abundantly... Michael, Ali and all at HH