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Sandy Wolfgang

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November 15, 2014

Sandy's husband Eric posted the following in the Posts tab - for those who may have missed his comments I am posting a copy here:

 To everyone who traveled this journey of hope with Sandy I want to express my sincerest thanks. The rapid onset and relentless complications of her illness provided limited opportunity to relax and enjoy this past year. The numerous well wishes, cards, gifts and food brightened the darkest days for both Sandy and me.
The expressed love and care she appreciated. Being such a humble person she could not understand her influence in the lives of so many people both personal and professional. The impact Sandy has on my life has brought on a better understanding of life itself. That is something she had not planned on.
Being a private / reserved person this illness made it nearly impossible for Sandy to be completely open to what was happening. She never intended or wanted to upset others. No matter how ill, she wanted to present herself at her best and would be exhausted in the efforts. She quickly realized it was exhaustingly difficult to see all the people that cared so deeply about her.
The last four months were a time of acceptance, trust, faith, appreciation and inner strength. Her ability to find the blessing of each day no matter the circumstances is beyond my ability to completely explain. Sandy wanted to live, even in her last days.
The last moments of Sandy's life she found the strength to awaken from 36hrs of sleep to accept some water, a warm towel and as tears ran down her face she looked into my eyes and took her last breath.
Sandy gave so much of herself even in the last moments of her life.
Thank you all for being a part of Sandy's life and helping us both.

Sincerely ,Sandy's husband Eric


November 15, 2014  

Below are the dates and times for our time to remember and celebrate Sandy's life:

Gathering of Family & Friends
2:30 PM to 2:50 PM, Wed., Nov. 19, 2014
Location: Willow Mill Park

Time of Remembrance
3:00 PM Wed., Nov. 19, 2014
Location: Willow Mill Park

Celebration of Life Reception
4:00 PM Wed., Nov. 19, 2014
Location: Appalachian Brewing Company


November 13, 2014


The following link provides information regarding the Time of Remembrance and Celebration of Sandy's life which will take place on Wednesday, November 19th.



November 11, 2014 - Tuesday

Sandra Lynn Lincoln passed away this morning at approximately 10:48 in the quiet and peace of her home with her husband, Eric, at her side.  

I will post funeral arrangements as they become available.

November 10, 2014

On Monday the 3rd of November Sandy fell into a sleep.  She is not in a comatose state.  She occasionally awakens but for the better part of the day and night she sleeps.  Since Monday she has not consumed any liquids or food. For the few moments when she is awake she is able to communicate and has been clear that she does not wish to eat or drink.  While some may be concerned that she must be hungry or thirsty I can assure you she is comfortable and has no interest in food.  As Hospice has affirmed Sandy's body is doing what it needs to do; Sandy is doing what she needs to do.  She shows no signs of anxiety or discomfort. 

Yesterday I spent a good hour and a half visiting with Sandy and Eric and as Eric and I talked Sandy slept soundly and peacefully.  No unhappy sounds, no indication of struggle or anxiety - just a peaceful sleep.

Last Monday Hospice predicted that Sandy would live till today, this Monday.  While in her career Sandy has always been one to get to work on time or early, in this particular "job" she seems to defy all deadlines and predictions.  No loved one is complaining; just continuing to admire her tenacity. 

She sleeps; she is peaceful.  I will be sure to post when she makes her passage.

As always your prayers and words of support and love continue to bring comfort and strength during this time and are sincerely and deeply appreciated.


November 1, 2014

Sandy remains comfortable as she continues to move towards her next journey.  Eric is devotedly by her side providing her with comfort and love day and night.  All of your kind thoughts, cards, and prayers are appreciated more than you will ever know.  It has been a great comfort to them both.  Please continue to keep Sandy and Eric in your prayers and loving thoughts; especially Eric as he attends to Sandy's final journey with grace, love and dignity.

October 21, 2014

During the past ten days Sandy has had some rough moments, but as has been her pattern she manages to rally - somewhat.  She awakens each morning and Eric provides her with the routine coffee and donut.  She continues to savor small bites of watermelon and some main dish offerings albeit very small portions.  She is, nevertheless, fading though comfortable and with her beloved husband at her side. 

Please continue to keep them both in your prayers and positive thoughts.


October 11, 2014

Sandy continues to rest comfortably.  Eric remains faithfully by her side.  No significant changes.

Please continue to hold them both in your prayers.


September 23, 2014

Last Tuesday evening Sandy experienced a seizure that has had an impact on her ability to communicate.  While still alert she is less able to talk. Hospice of Central PA responded immediately and continues to provide attentive medical assistance to Sandy and guidance to Eric as he remains by her side. The other saving grace is that Sandy has no recall of the seizure. Her time is spent primarily resting comfortably, watching some TV and eating a little donut, watermelon, or an occasional bit of banana and sipping on some coffee.  She also enjoys the fresh flowers and cards that folks have sent. 

I haven't mentioned it lately, but please know with a surety that she and Eric are very grateful to you all for your thoughtful cards, beautiful flowers and your continued prayers for strength and comfort during this sacred journey.

September 16,2014 - 9:00 p.m.

Folks, I've been trying to post a few more pictures of the wedding day but Posthope is apparently having technical difficulties.  I will try again tomorrow.  jc


September 16, 2014

Sandy continues to remain stable since the last entry.  Medical staff attribute her steadfast nature to her strong heart. I keep in daily contact with Eric and have had the opportunity to visit with Sandy a few times.  She often rests yet shows evidence of active listening with her smile when we discuss lighthearted or happy topics.  Yes, we have those treasured moments.  While she has had days when she was not able to say the word "yes", Hospice has modified medications so that yesterday (9/15/14) when I stopped by to visit, her first words to me were, "You're hair looks nice."  Hearing her speak an entire sentence was music to the ears and I was so grateful to see her ability to express herself improved.

In speaking with Eric I was given the okay to share with you all a very special day.  Since the day that Sandy was diagnosed with cancer back in November of last year Eric Lincoln has been by Sandy's side nearly 24/7.  Sandy and Eric had been dating for about four years by then and they had been planning to spend the rest of their lives together.  Retirement was on Sandy's horizon and so given the turn of events two months ago, they decided to tie the knot.  And on the afternoon of Friday, July 18th Sandy Blystone Wolfgang became Sandra Lynn Lincoln.  Pastor Good from Hospice of Central Pennsylvania conducted the wedding ceremony in Sandy's backyard.  It was a small private - beautiful - ceremony.  I was also given permission to share a few pictures which I am posting on this site under Photos.  Sandy was still able to walk at this time however unable to stand for any period of time. I'm sure you'll agree - she was and is lovely as ever.  I hope you will enjoy these pictures of a very special and happy moment in Sandy and Eric's life.


 September 6, 2014

Dear Friends of Sandy,

Yesterday marked the 8th week since Sandy was told that the cancer had metastasized. It's just like Sandy to defy the odds. She is relatively stable, but as one may expect her responsivity is diminishing.  While her heart is strong, she does have some difficult days. 

Please continue to keep Eric and her in your prayers and positive thoughts.  They sincerely appreciate your support, love and prayers.  It buoys their spirits. 

 August 19, 2014

It is time to provide an update on Sandy's condition.  While she is still with us, her decline has been rapid.  She is at her home with Eric and her cat, Oma.  Much of her time is spent resting.  Hospice continues to make regular visits to ensure her care and comfort is properly attended to.  She appears to have reached a stage of general comfort, yet steady decline.  Much of her time is spent resting. Eric is ever at her side.

During one of my recent visits with her - about a week ago - I asked her if there was anything she needed/wanted and she said she still appreciates the prayers of her friends and loved ones.  When I asked her if there was something she wanted folks to pray for specifically, she expressed one word - gratitude.

As Ulli Klemm reminded me earlier, her journey now is a sacred walk and should her passage be to a miraculous spontaneous remission I, along with many of you, will rejoice madly with thankfulness.  But should her passage take her to that place of perfect Love and mystery, may we rejoice that she no longer suffers and that her spirit rests.  And may our hearts find healing as we let her go.

With either outcome when the day comes I will post the news and provide further information regarding the celebration of Sandy's life.



July 17, 2014

Dear Friends of Sandy,

On Friday of last week Sandy met with her oncologist to discuss the cancer in her brain; it has metastasized.  The doctor believes she has about 8 weeks.  Sandy has difficulty walking and is beginning to experience a great deal of pain.  Hospice of Central Pennsylvania has been contacted and they are providing immediate services and comfort to Sandy and her loved ones.

We had had high hopes of an extended life as Sandy had responded well to the chemo and was undergoing radiation to "knock the lung cancer out of the ball park" - to quote the doctor.  Nevertheless during the last week of radiation and the days to follow Sandy was having difficulty walking and would frequently fall.  The scan of her lungs was clean.  We had hoped that the falling was merely a symptom of recovering from the radiation treatment.  Sadly, this was and is not the case.

Please, please hold her and her loved ones in your prayers.  These next few weeks will be most difficult.  Sandy was and continues to be grateful to you all for your love, support and prayers.  It has meant and continues to mean so much to her.

As I am able I will keep you all posted. 

Sandy's friend, Janeen.

Sandy appreciates and welcomes your thoughts, encouragement and prayers.  We hope to provide updates so you all may know how she is doing and how to direct your prayers and efforts.

Dec. 7, 2013  Yesterday Sandy completed her first five days of radiation. After resting this weekend she will go for one more set of 5 days of radiation. Assuming all goes well she will begin chemo sometime during the week of the 16th. Many dear friends have been offering to bring in meals, pet sit Oma, help clean laundry, house or assist with transportation to treatment. Sandy and her boyfriend, Eric, are very appreciative of your willingness and desire to help. At this time, however, Sandy's needs are best met having her rest at home without visits or phone calls. She continues to ask for you prayers.
9:02 pm

Friday the 13th:  Good news - Sandy completed her second and final round of radiation  and the doctor reports that she has responded well to the treatment.  She is very  thankful for this positive outcome and for the strength of your prayers during this first stretch of the treatment journey.  She is gearing up to begin her first round of chemo treatment next week on Wednesday, the 18th.  As ever she is thankful for your loving thoughts, gifts of comfort and prayers of encouragement.  She feels very blessed to know each of you and welcomes your continued prayers.

Posted December 17th:  Latest update after first day of chemo - Sandy is feeling good and looking healthy. Keep up those powerful prayers. Today is her second day of chemo.

Yesterday - Saturday, December 21st - Had a great visit with Sandy.  She is doing very well and looks forward to responding to your posts - soon!

January 6, 2014 - Dear All, Sandy will be going in for her second round of chemotherapy this Wednesday January 8th.  The first three day round of chemo went well; however, the days that followed were somewhat rough going.  She is, nevertheless, staying strong.  The need for rest and recovery from the chemo treatments does not lend itself for visits at this time, but your continued prayers, thoughts and cards provide Sandy with comfort, strength, hope, gratitude and from time to time - welcome smiles. 

For those of you who pray for her well being, she is always most appreciative. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she may receive and accept nourishment and hydration that will fortify her body and soul; that her body will respond positively to the treatments; that she may be comforted during the moments that cause her discomfort or pain.  

January 21, 2014

It has been nearly two weeks since Sandy's second round of chemo therapy and she is doing very well.  Response to this round of chemo has been much more positive and manageable.  This week she is meeting with the radiologist to get an update on the progress of the radiation treatment.  She will also be going in to have a portal inserted to assist with ease of additional chemo treatments.  Sandy is gaining back her appetite and strength.  Her gratitude is unending; your continued communication through cards and through this venue are sincerely appreciated as are your prayers in her behalf for her continued courage and optimism during treatment.  She thanks you - deeply and sincerely.


February 5, 2014

Last week Sandy completed her third round of chemo therapy.  A blood transfusion was thrown in for extra measure during the three days of treatment.  She has needed to rest and continues to be most appreciative of your thoughts and prayers.  She enjoys hearing about the everyday things that keep you going and what makes the day complete and meaningful; any funny, humorous or joyous events particularly lift her spirits. Thank you for keeping in touch with her.  It means so very much to her!


February 9, 2014

Sandy reports that she is doing much better than the day that she was admitted to the hospital back in November.  While she may struggle with a Sudoku from time to time; her abilities to think, reason and remember appear to be healing and continually improving.  She still has some obstacles but overall she is doing well.  She is scheduled for four more rounds of chemo.  Depending upon how well her body responds to the treatment, she may thereafter be looking at a maintenance routine.  While Sandy maintains a positive and optimistic view there are days when there are emotional struggles.  For those who are familiar with this journey know and understand that feelings of anxiety and depression can challenge even the most positive soul.   And so as mentioned in the previous post, please continue with your prayers of love and support and that she may be blessed with insights of hope, optimism, and a deep sense of knowing that she is loved.  Sandy is most appreciative.  Truly she enjoys hearing from you and about your day to day activities that keep you going, make your life meaningful, fun, humorous and/or joyous.  Hearing from you helps Sandy take the focus off of the cancer, the treatment and the impact of the treatment and onto the day to day events of life.  Hearing from you helps her feel a sense of normal routine and familiarity amidst her new routine to which she must adapt.  Thank you for love, care, concern and prayers.

February 19, 2014

Just a QUICK update - While Sandy has had some rough days, she is responding well to treatment and has been gaining back a few healthy pound!  AND THE BIG NEWS - Sandy went in for a scan yesterday to determine the effectiveness of the chemo treatment on her lungs.  The cancer has been reduced by HALF!!  She has her fourth round of chemo this week and will have an additional two rounds over the next 8 weeks or so.   As always your continued thoughts and prayers are sincerely appreciated!  Bless you all for your faith, compassion and encouragement!  Your thoughtfulness means so much!!

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