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LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2018-08-18T01:54:00Z

6 Month Mark

Thank you again for your continued prayers and financial gifts!

Mom wrote this update, today...

Good morning to all our family, friends, Church family, Keswick family and all the prayer warriors all over the world!! It never seems enough, but we want to give a hearty “Thank you” and we bless you all in the LORD Jesus!!! 

Yesterday, August 16, 2018, marked six months since our lives changed again forever. My husband likes to say, “The tree hit us”. Not just him. I guess that says a lot. 

We have been to two neurologists revealing that the brain is still swollen and has a shadowed area. He needs further testing to find out what the shadow on the brain is, whether or not the bleeding has subsided/been absorbed, and what the extent of the swelling is. The “HICCUP” is that the testing is an MRI and we do not know what kind of metal has been placed in his foot - whether or not he’s safe to have an MRI! She also referred us to a Cognitive specialist for further testing and treatments.

An Orthopedic doctor found from the newest x-rays that the collarbone has pretty much healed, the shoulder blade is healing incorrectly, the ribs have only begun to heal, and the ankle has not healed at all! He referred us to Cooper, the university/teaching hospital of bones and joints. He believes that my husband most likely needs bone grafting of the shoulder and of the foot. We are waiting for an appointment from them. 

We have been to a Pulmonologist who assured us that his left lung has healed well! Praise God! 

We have had a visit from an Electromyography for 4 1/2 hours of testing that revealed severe, permanent muscle and nerve damage in his left arm. We did not have his left side/hip or his right foot tested, but they also have the exact same symptoms. 

We have been referred to Pain Management and have yet to schedule an appointment. As you can deduce, the schedule has been grueling enough thus far! 

As a side note, my husband excitedly asked if he had permission to drive and/or fly! The neurologist, EMPHATICALLY denied him permission! “Until further notice”, she said. Which means, we cannot fly back to Puerto Rico to begin the mission God has for us. ...At least, not yet.

And on a personal note...

Please bear with me. I DO NOT want to come off as grumbling or complaining... This has been a long hard road, and it’s not anywhere near over yet! I would love to tell you that all the doctors we have visited have been sweet, kind, tender, gentle, compassionate and concerned. OR that all their nurses and office workers have been sweet, gentle and considerate, helpful, informative and compassionate. But that is Not, I repeat, NOT the case.

Yet, Almighty God, in HIS infinite Mercy and boundless Grace, has used this time in New Jersey to our SWEET BLESSING as ONLY HE can do!! We have been able to get together with our daughters! We’re enjoying precious family times! We’ve had barbecues and visits! We’ve made many wonderful memories, and had much needed “loving on our girls” time! I’ve had the privilege to cook for them, hug and comfort and be here for them!

God loved on us through our longtime neighbors by way of a sweet farewell BBQ party. God provided for us to be able to attend our first grandchild‘s gender reveal party! He has also provided for me, to help make and attend Ashley’s Baby Shower! We are  blessed and looking forward to his birth and meeting our little miracle soon! 

God has also healed my body of many illnesses that have needed attention for years because of the insurance provision! We had prayed for God to provide health insurance for us... We never would’ve imagined that HE would have taken the route of allowing a tree to drop on my husband to do so! 

God has received the glory from this whole situation, because anyone who asks my husband, “What happened to you?!”, hears the Gospel! Hallelujah!

By the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, many will be saved! Many Are Being Saved! 

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.” -Revelation 12:11 KJV

Another good outcome from all this... God has had the calling on my husbands life, for a long time now to Pastor. We had been waiting on God’s timing and Provisions. Well this year, God provided for us to have two separate week stays at America’s Keswick! At the first week stay, my husband was recommissioned for The Pastorate by Dr. Roger Wilmore, and during our second week stay, God reconfirmed His anointing of him and provided for him through Dino Pedrone to do the first course in a nine-course series online to prepare him for the Pastorate. Once he’s done, we hope to have him ordained by our church! We have signed him up and are excited about what God is going to do in, to, and through him by the Holy Spirit!!

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