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SANTO Santana

The word "Santo" means Saint in Spanish. Rafael is a firm Believer in Jesus Christ and the mighty power of God. Since Christ began transforming his life, he has had a hea[...] read more

Latest journal entry

Another Father’s Day

An update from his wife:


I would like to thank the Lord for all of you He has used to help us in the past four months get through this hard and trying time! God has been very good to us!

All of you friends, family, churches here, churches in Puerto Rico and Americas Keswick have blessed us above and beyond our wildest imaginations with your prayers, your comfort, your letters of encouragement, financial gifts and physical love towards us! It’d be an understatement to say we’ve been very overwhelmed by the love of God through you all.

My husband has passed the four-month mark as of June 16, 2018 and has pretty much plateaued in his recovery. As a couple, we have been able to attend our first Family’s for Christ weekend at America’s Keswick in 6 months this past weekend. Although it was difficult to navigate for us, we were refreshed in our spirit!

On another note, we finally were approved for insurance in the United States so we are looking forward to getting him to the Orthopedic doctor, the Neurologist, pulmonologist and physical therapist that he so desperately needs in the near future.

But the most recent highlight was being privileged to celebrate a very special Father’s Day with him which we are so grateful for! Just some of the pictures from that day are here for you to see.

If you would continue to uphold us by your prayers we would greatly appreciate it! We pray the Lord’s blessing upon you all!

In Jesus Holy and Mighty Name, AMEN

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