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My Journey Through Lymphoma

I have been told repeatedly to journal about this so here it is!This site is intended to help keep others informed throughout this process.

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Posted 2017-06-01T19:36:42Z

Hair (or lack thereof)

I was told 2-3 (but probably more like 2) weeks before I'd lose my hair from the day chemo started.  I'm okay with it and was told that I should shave it before I have to start seeing clumps fall out.  I guess i was putting it off though really. Finally, I ordered some hats, wigs, etc.  I WISH there were "chemo accessories" that do not make you look like a sick person but honestly I was hating everything I looked at.  

We had decided Casey would shave my head when it became time....whenever that was.  I would say one day, then not do it.  Then, after a day of feeling great and going on a run, I sat down and scratched my head only to find WAY too many strands on my fingertips afterwords.  It was starting.  That was on Saturday the 27th.  Not even 2 weeks!  I held off, tried not to touch my hair much and was determined to make it through my first real day a back at work on the 30th.  I did - shedding all day and showing off how much hair I could pull out at a time to anyone that was interested.  Then, I went home and Casey buzzed it all off.  No tears.  Not like the night before when I started crying after pulling a ton out in the shower.  It just felt good to have this part of the process behind me.  

Casey did a great job.  Very meticulous as he went.  It didn't seem to bother the boys much. In fact, Isaac watched.  He said I looked like a criminal.  I spent the next couple of hours trying on the various wigs/hats I had ordered, wanting to make a somewhat smooth transition into the wig world.  

I wore "Kristen" the first day and it went well.  Wig didn't really bother me much.  Today (second day of no hair) I'm wearing "Mena" which is only a slightly different bob than Kristen.  I like both.  I think I might have a slight obsession with this though and feel several changes to my look coming up!

Right now I am feeling good and feeling positive.  I have a blood draw tomorrow and hopefully all will be well so that I can start Round 2 of chemo (out-patient this time thank goodness) on Monday.  

Thanks for all of the prayers, love, and positive thoughts.  Thanks for the meals that have been coming.  You all really do know how to take care of us.  Much love, Sarah


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