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The IV Chronicles

Sarah and Bob go to Florida on a journey for healing.

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Posted 2020-01-05T01:44:12Z

Last week in Florida! Can you believe it??

Last 6 days actually! 4 or 5 of them will be clinic days- we haven’t decided if we have to start driving Friday morning or if we can just leave from the clinic with our car fully packed Fri afternoon. We’ll decide soon though. We have to tell my nurse by Monday!

 The route home (and its stops) is/are under construction too, for those of you who have a vested interest in that outcome. My nurse has informed me that I will be feeling worse than ever in my first few days  (weeks?) immediately after leaving, and I’m not sure how that impacts our trip home—except to fill me with dread and to mean that our plans have to be extremely flexible. We’re trying to nail them down but I just don’t know.

 It doesn’t help that I feel worse than I ever have here. Or at least equally bad as at my worse. Ugh. I need sleep. I keep hoping that that’ll come!? It’s kinda necessary I’m learning. Who knew.

 For my last 5 days here, Bob and Dad will be switching places, as Bob starts teaching again  this week! Very exciting. Then he (Bob) has the unenviable job of coming back to Florida just to join me in the drive home. The man truly is an angel. It’ll be fun to show Dad around our little town if I have the energy, so I’m excited about that. And being done at Sponaugle for awhile! Yes! Excited. I need out! 

Praying fervently that everything comes together in these last days. Love you all.


p.s. Happy birthday Grandma!!! 🎊 

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