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Posted 2018-10-30T14:56:00Z

First Stumble (or Why I Hate Mondays)

Well, I was told this wouldn't be a cakewalk. Today was more like a pie in the face. A sh*t pie. No one was laughing.

Today was the first truly difficult day. The meds have started to have their unpleasant side effects, so have decided to come off them. I don't know how people make it through a true and full rehab after years of addiction - it's not even been a week and getting off my comparably modest post-surgical cocktail is a tango with a hydra on the Titanic: cold yet sweaty, grasping and relentless, and I'm in stilettos. So is the hydra... Add to this a poor night's sleep, jittery hyper activity to get kids to school and us to my plastics appointment, and then driving rain and standstill traffic: well, this is apparently what they refer to as: "don't overdo it."

From the relative comfort of K&J's Best Chair Ever (it's even green leather!) this evening, I can look at this day a little ruefully. Respect the sleeping dragon that is Recovery. Got it. Also: one less drain is definitely 50% better. I need to eat more, much more, and more wisely (protein shakes :-O!). So grateful to come home from the hospital today to a fridge full of groceries, R.B.'s AH-MAZING chicken soup and fougasse, and the E Family Feast that is currently warming in the oven: there was even a hand printed menu in the classiest French bistro style! Also witnessed the inaugural launch of Massachusetts Boy Transport Alliance to great success - thank you all who care for and drive F&T daily. 

Finally: if you should happen to overdo it... here is a great recipe for nausea, muscles and gut cramps, and associated headache. Combine the following with Dave Brubeck's "Strange Meadowlark" and feel it will all be a little better tomorrow.

Ginger Peppermint Green Tea

Love, Sarah

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Comments (3)

  • Üstün Reinart
    Üstün Reinart

    Sarah, this is so much part of the recovery process. Take it as easy as possible, and watch it slowly pass. Love, love, love.

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Caitlin Taylor
    Caitlin Taylor

    Big hugs and kisses to you Sarah! I wish were there to help with the shitty days. Just know it will soon pass. Much love

    2 years ago · Reply
  • Kate Schadinger
    Kate Schadinger

    Sending you some love on yet another rainy day.

    2 years ago · Reply