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Sarah was recently diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. We are using this site to keep our family and friends (Sarah's Warriors) updated with her struggles and successes as [...] read more

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Back to Work!

Hello all! Sarah is recovering nicely from the surgery. She spent a couple of long weeks with her leg elevated to reduce swelling. If you know Sarah, you can imagine how hard that was for her. She doesn't do well staying still. She is a worker and being stuck in a chair is not her idea of relaxing, but those days are behind her now.

While she was recovering from the surgery, the brachytherapy treatments took place. She had 9 catheters placed in her calf during surgery and they used those catheters to deliver 6 treatments of radiation. The whole process was very interesting. Other than fatigue, Sarah didn't notice any side effects. Compared to the chemotherapy, it was a walk in the park! After her last brachytherapy treatment, they removed the catheters and she was given a couple of weeks to heal while they developed her beam radiation plan. She was able to start walking with crutches and now she has abandoned those and is getting around unaided quite nicely!

Last week, she returned to work half days!  She's mentally and physically ready to resume working full time, but she knew that her beam radiation treatments were going to start this week, so we decided half days would be a great start for her. Monday of this week she started her beam radiation treatment in the afternoons at Alton Memorial Hospital. They are part of the Washington University system that governs Siteman Cancer Center and since it's 30 minutes closer for us, they suggested Sarah use that facility for her treatments. Her radiation oncologist at Siteman still designed the radiation plan and is in charge of her treatment, but it is administered at the Alton facility.

So, she works from 8 to noon (again, if you know Sarah, noon turns into 1 most days) and has her radiation appointments in Alton at 2:30ish each day. This will be the schedule Monday through Friday for the next 5 weeks. After that, as long as the fatigue and side effects from radiation are manageable, Sarah plans to return to work full time. I mentioned this earlier, but she is noticing a fatigue from the radiation treatments and this may increase as the treatments continue. Right now it's not too bad, but by 8:30 or 9 pm she has a hard time keeping her eyes open. That's normal for some people, but Sarah is usually an 11 or 11:30 person.

I've got to say that things are going really well right now! It's still hard to believe how well things have developed. Two months ago we were preparing for an amputation and now she is wearing flip-flops and walking around normally again! We can’t thank you all enough for your support and prayers!

Through this whole process, we have met a lot of people going through similar situations and almost everyone's story has ups and downs. While Sarah was going through chemo, we were contacted by a woman named Julia. Her daughter, Elizabeth, had had just been diagnosed with synovial sarcoma and she had just given birth to a child. I know how tough this has been on Sarah and I can't even imagine going through this while having a newborn. Well, right Elizabeth's story is in the midst of one of the downs. Her body did not tolerate the chemo and they have had to stop treatment while they developed a new plan. Please send Elizabeth your warm wishes and good vibes and most importantly, lift her up in your prayers. They need our help very much right now!

Thank you all again and may the grace and peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you.

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