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Posted 2017-10-23T02:41:07Z

Long Overdue

Well, I've really neglected my duty these past few months as the communicator for Sarah. For that, I am sorry. I just checked and my last update was in June.  A lot has happened since then, so I will try to summarize without getting too wordy.[...]

Posted 2017-06-17T02:46:16Z

Back to Work!

Hello all! Sarah is recovering nicely from the surgery. She spent a couple of long weeks with her leg elevated to reduce swelling. If you know Sarah, you can imagine how hard that was for her. She doesn't do well staying still. She is a worker and being stuck in a chair is not her idea of relaxing, but those days are behind her now.[...]

Posted 2017-05-06T01:38:00Z

Home and Doing Well

We are home and Sarah is doing well!

It was an early start today. We were up a little after 4 am and in the van headed to St. Louis at 5. We arrived at Barnes-Jewish hospital at 6:30 and got checked in. I was able to stay with Sarah until 8:45 when she headed to the operating room. We were absolutely amazed by the level of action in the pre-op room. There were doctors and nurses everywhere and they were moving patients in and out in a very efficient manner. It was quite the production.[...]

Posted 2017-05-05T12:46:43Z

Surgery Today!

Well, things happened quickly this week. Sarah got a call from her doctor on Wednesday to let us know that surgery was scheduled for Friday! This was great news as she is ready to get this cancer out of her![...]

Posted 2017-04-20T15:19:00Z

Rollercoaster Ride

We sat down in Dr. Van Tine’s office and waited for his arrival. Neither of us speaking much. Just waiting for the news. Dr. Van Tine arrived and looked to be happy. Our hearts lifted hoping his mood was a good sign. He apologized for making us wait but said that he had been delayed because radiology hadn't sent the report over yet so he had called them to have the scan read. Dr. Van Tine was happy to report that Sarah’s liver was fine. We were ecstatic! Van Tine started explaining that he wouldn't need to see us for another 4 months. We were discussing the results of yesterday's appointment with Dr. McDonald​, Sarah's orthopedic surgeon, when there was a knock at the door and a nurse poked her head in and told Dr. Van Tine that radiology was on the phone and they needed to talk to him. They had more information from the MRI. Dr. Van Tine excused himself and our emotional rollercoaster continued. We could hear Van Tine on the phone in the hall. Moments later he returned and assured us that everything was fine! Anyone who knows me knows that I love rollercoasters, but this one has been a little much.[...]

Posted 2017-04-19T15:34:31Z

4 Words

Words are powerful. They have the ability to put you on top of the world and they can crush a person. Right now there are four words that are causing us concern and fear. Those four words are “suspicious of metastatic disease”. Those are the words typed by the doctor who read Sarah's CT scan while he was looking at her liver.[...]

Posted 2017-04-13T02:27:52Z

Anxiously Awaiting

Well, Sarah made it through chemo!  The journey was long and hard, but she made it!  The last month and a half have been stressful.  Sarah has struggled with low energy levels due mostly to her blood counts dropping low on a regular basis.  The chemo has severely reduced her ability to make her own blood cells, so blood transfusions are the normal for her these days.  She goes back to the doctor next week and I’m guessing that she will need another transfusion then.[...]

Posted 2017-02-26T15:00:01Z

Still Fighting!

Well, I wish that I could report that Sarah’s smile had returned but we are still patiently waiting. She has met with both a psychiatrist and psychologist who specialize in dealing with cancer patients are well versed on the side-effects of the chemotherapy drugs. They have switched her anti-anxiety medicine and we are hoping that it kicks in soon and Sarah will start feeling better.[...]

Posted 2017-01-25T21:11:56Z

Feeling a "Bit" Anxious

Ok, so maybe that's a "bit" of an understatement.  About a week and half ago, it was like someone threw a switch and Sarah's smile was gone.  The chemo drugs had messed up her brain chemistry and she was flooded with doubt, worry, and an overwhelming anxiety about anything and everything.  She couldn't sleep, she couldn't work, she didn't want to get out of bed, and she didn't smile.  We contacted her oncologist and they prescribed an anti-anxiety medicine.  It took 8 or 9 days before Sarah felt any improvement, but thankfully, she is making great progress.  She is not back to her normal self and she still feels anxious and depressed, but she can function and for that we are grateful.  Please pray that her anxiety leaves and that she regains both her mental and physical strength to continue this fight.[...]

Posted 2017-01-14T18:55:00Z

A Harvest of Friends

Sarah and I have long been “Little House on the Prairie” fans. We own all nine seasons on DVD as well as many of the tv specials. My favorite episode is Season 1, Episode 1 - A Harvest of Friends. The Ingalls family has just moved to Walnut Grove and they are doing what they must to get on their feet. They have purchased a farm but don’t have the money to buy a plow and seed. Charles “Pa” Ingalls makes a business agreement with a store owner to fix his the store roof and stack sacks of grain in exchange for a plow and seed. The store owner has Pa put up his team of oxen as collateral. They set a date that the work must be done by and the episode proceeds.[...]