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Chemo # 1 Monday 14th January, 2019.

This is the prayer that the Lord gave us today as we began this part of the journey, and we would love for you to add this to the prayers the Lord also gives you for us.  

"O Father God you surround me (Bernadette), you go before me and hem me in from behind; and around on all sides. You are my covering. Father God, Jesus Christ my Lord, and Holy Spirit, I place YOU between me (Bernadette) and this cancer called Myeloma and all of its attendants. I place YOU between me (Bernadette) and all or any of the side effects or by-products known to be attached to them. I place YOU Holy Spirit between me (Bernadette) and the effectiveness of this treatment. Holy Spirit come hover over and breathe upon and all of the actual medical advice, medications, protocols and delivery, and medical personnel. I declare that YOU alone O Lord are the authority over my life, and everything I need YOU Lord have, and I will look to YOU to bring it to me. We pray that YOU Father God would cause this treatment, and all it entails to be completely, and utterly effective in Jesus name."

"All good gifts are from the Father above and He delights in giving these good gifts to his children." (Paraphrase: James 1:17, Matt 7:11) 

It went well today. It was lengthy process, today being the first time, but fairly low-key and uneventful. The medical staff were, as usual, so lovely and helpful. We took peace there, and we also received it there- all glory to God. We are so thankful for all your love and prayers. :)

So for now, Amen, thank you and goodnight! 

God bless you.

Robb & Bernadette & family xo

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