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Thursday 13th June, 2019 Update

Thursday 13th June, 2019

Lovely Friends,

Oh we are just so aware of the many, beautiful ways that you are supporting our family through this time!

The song of prayers arising from hearts and homes all round the world; the words of encouragement and scripture being spoken out, both to us, and for us, heavenward over our lives; the carefully and lovingly prepared meals and treats, that nourish our bodies and fill our hearts with gratitude for the love in which they are given; The jobs, tasks and running around that has also been on offer and entwined into our lives by those who are just willing to serve and make sure our family is kept running well.

It is so much- too much it feels, and we are constantly praising the Lord for you all, and we speak blessing over you all. How much love in action that we as a family are being given is humbling and absolutely mind blowing- our family, our community, our family of God - we thank you!

Today is Day 9 (hospital speak) since SCT and for the last 2 days Bernadette’s neutrophils (white blood cells) were down to zero, and today they were 0.05...which is the first sign of the beginning rise that we anticipate. The time this takes to increase varies, but generally it’s over a few days. She is on track at the moment which is wonderful. They need to get to 1, and be stable with no other of the side effects from chemo/ SCT process still occurring.

Yesterday was a harder day symptomatically, but today has been better. She has really pushed herself to keep eating little bits and pieces throughout the entire time, which they had recommended as being very helpful to speed the process of recovery.

Thanks to those who had asked about visiting. After the “fun” night she had, we decided to go with the Dr/Nurses recommendations of keeping it fairly closed just to give Bernadette the best possible chance of not getting any infections at all. There will be heaps of time when she’s back at home recovering when a cheery, smiley face she’d love to see! :)   

Robb and the children and soldiering on at home, at school, at sport, at concerts….it’s always so busy this time of year. Thanks for covering their comings & goings in prayer. We are all looking forward to a few weeks time and it’s school holidays. I think we’ll ALL be sleeping some days away!

Prayer Points

-Covering and strength for Robb & the kids as they continue on in school assessments/ exams etc

-Just tonight LACHLAN has a fever and sore head/eyes etc. We are monitoring this right now. Please ask for the Father to bring speedy healing from this. And give us wisdom.

-Bernadette’s Neutrophils to continue to rise and build up to 1 and maintain from there.

-Bernadette’s body to be able to quickly eliminate any remaining toxins/ side effects from the Chemo without it being extreme

-Continued strength and ability to eat, and get good deep rest.


Day 10 (tomo & onwards) is when they expect the new Stem Cells begin to engraft in the blood, hence the rise of Neutrophils (WBC). The stem cells form these WBC first, then will come the red blood cells, platelets etc. As they will literally be forming and engrafting in Bernadette’s body please join with us in declaring that,

It is God who arms her with strength, and makes her way perfect. Ps 18:32

That we lean on Him to bring health to her body and refreshment to her bones. Pr 3:8

That we see that God is doing a new thing; He supplies all her needs. Is 43:18,19: Phil 4:19

That in His mercy, the LORD would heal her vexed bones Ps 6:2

Love & Blessings,

Robb & Bernadette & Family xo

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