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Saturday 3rd August, 2019. 2 Months post SCT

Saturday 3rd August, 2019.

Good Afternoon Friends,

Tomorrow will be 2 months since the Stem Cell Transplant- and it’s sooooo good to be able to say I am getting stronger and starting to be able to participate more in the regular rhythms of our family. The beauty of being able to know what I feel like eating, to make it, and then actually enjoy eating it, has not been lost on me. Nor the enjoyment of being able to be in the company of my children during the one school drop off I made this week. And who knew putting on a load of washing could bring such fulfilment?!?! I’ve missed these things and, whilst I am nowhere near the output or capacity or energy I’d like to be, we are all thankful for the ways I have been able to ‘begin’ again.

At my last Dr’s visit we received the test results back for the presence of the Myeloma...and sadly it wasn’t as we’d hoped. The level was still at 28, and although my doctor thinks that this is likely to still fall a bit, his recommendation is that I start Maintenance Therapy asap. We see him in another week for the 2nd test, but if it hasn’t fallen below 8 then it’s likely I will start on the (fairly heavy) oral drugs that should also have the ability to continue to fight against the Myeloma cells and continue the good effects from the SCT. This schedule will be for a year, in conjunction with the monthly bone-strengthening infusions. There is a second-generation drug of the one I will need, that has been re-presented to the PBS for approval for Maintenance Therapy for MM, however my Dr doesn’t think it will be processed in time. I would prefer to be on that one. Hold that thought, I would prefer to be on none of them at all!! :) 

So prayerful friends, we have been seeking the Lord and listening out for His leading. We need his intervention as always, for the removal of the Myeloma and for Him to bring to me everything I need, every provision, as he has promised and continues to do. 

Along with this, I have felt Him say to me, “Present your case to me.” So that is what we are in the process of doing: everyday as we have been, but also by crafting a Battle Prayer by his leading. If you’re interested in specifically praying it along with us let me know!

All this information can be overwhelming- but the truth hasn’t changed. Our lives are in the hands of the Almighty God, and it’s in him we place our confidence. There are so many things that I feel the Lord is teaching me. The nuance between faith and hope; I’m also in the midst of a conversation with Him about what LOUD hope is…there is just so much to soak up, listen and learn! 

In Isaiah 26 & 41 He promises perfect peace, as we keep our minds on Him; and tells us not to fear because He will uphold and strengthen us because of who HE is.

And so we this is what we do! Thank you for your love and prayers for us- please keep praying. We are blessed by your partnership in this journey with us. Praying that the Lord would give you peace in every situation as you put your trust in Him.

Love and Blessings,

Robb & Bernadette & Family xo

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