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Posted 2019-11-03T03:18:00Z

Sunday 3rd November, 2019. ( and almost 5 months Post SCT :)

Sunday 3rd November, 2019.

And the Chicken Pox is gone!

Thanks be to God for answering all of our prayers for the Chicken Pox to be mild, and to pass quickly.

Having had a very bad bout when I was a young adult, I honestly didn’t think the words mild and CPox could be in the same sentence, but other than the spots and some itchiness and tiredness, it was actually not too bad. After a week I was able to begin on the Maintenance medications again and I will see my Dr this week, and have the ‘Bone Juice infusion’ as per the regular monthly visits. 

We continue to pray that these are being effective in lowering the Myeloma protein and will update as we receive the results. 

It has been a bit of a quiet time over the last month or so.  We have been walking consistently in the knowledge that God is our refuge and our rock, yet there have been plenty of times of ‘leaking eyes and great big sighs’. Moments of silence, and moments where we are just shaking our heads as we put our hand to the next thing required to get through the day. We haven’t felt abandoned or in despair. We have just been walking in the reality that we are in such desperate need of the Father’s goodness and mercy and power, and we are clinging to his promise that He will never leave or forsake us: of this we are assured. And so, there is room in His presence to feel, to cry out, to have no words, to wonder, to be still, to wrestle, and to breathe. Step by step God is enabling our way, and He gently comforts us and breathes new strength into our weariness, and enables hope to continue to rise. And in the midst of it all we feel the gallop towards the end of the year: school, work, family commitments clamouring all the more loudly as they approach their conclusion or require an extra edge of energy. God truly is a very present help in all these times! We count down to the holidays with unabashed eagerness  :)

Once again, we want to thank you all for your continued love and prayers for us all. This journey would be so much harder without your beautiful support in so many different ways. Our whole family is blessed by the family of faith and friends that we are surrounded by. 

As you each approach these last months of the year, and all that entails for you, we pray for the Spirit of the Lord to be with you and give you wisdom and strength, and hope. 

Love and Blessings,

Robb & Bernadette & Family xo

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  • Pip French
    Pip French

    You an amazing soul my friend..Love you so much xxx So many hugs for Robb and Fam also... your whole family is testament to your deep and unshakable faith in the Lord. I think of you/ (your family) as a massive tree in a terrifying storm...yes the branches will be stripped and some limbs will fall but your roots are deep and wide and you (collective) will be standing when its over and will shoot new growth from the rain that came with the storm. Wish I was closer to take some pressure off and hang out with those gorgeous kids...mwha xxxx

    5 months ago · Reply
  • Wenche S. Manneråk
    Wenche S. Manneråk

    Layimg you all in the strong hands of our Father to rest. Lots og Love ❤❤❤

    4 months ago · Reply
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