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Day +95 - He's on the Road Again....

sure as you're born....natural born easy on the road again.

Yes, that is a picture of Schmoul behind the wheel.  He got the okay from Dr. T today to start driving slowly.  No trips to L.A. he said.  Schmoul took his car for a bath and then to his favorite pizzeria for takeout.  Oh yeah, he also got the okay to start eating restaurant food.  Just has to stay away from raw food for now.  What a day of good news!

Of course, there is always some not so good news.  Schmoul has developed some chronic GVHD manifesting through his skin rashes, severe dry eyes, and potentially peripheral neuropathy.  Our latest referral is to the Neurology Department. Schmoul was able to get off of one of his drugs but will need to stay on the prednisone for a while so he will need to continue his anti-fungal medications. The prednisone has its own issues and Schmoul will need to work on developing muscle strengths. Good thing he will be starting the YMCA program.  

Dr. T is very pleased that Schmoul's blood numbers are showing that he remains disease free from the Mastocytosis and the appearance of chronic GVHD is an additional sign that the donor stem cells have taken over in his body and will continue to fight any cancer cells that may pop up.  So it is a small trade-off for Schmoul to deal with these annoyances.  

We are going to begin to negotiate how to start getting back to some normal routines.  Schmoul is going to avoid driving at night for a while due to his eye issues so will need rides to his evening meetings and Schmeese or Lauren will still be taking him to his weekly labs and doctor's appointments.  

All in all, this is amazing progress and we are humbled with gratitude for Howard's love and healing.  We also can't begin to thank all of you who have read our corny posts, sent your messages of support and love, and helped us through the darker times in so many countless ways.

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