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Posted 2019-12-30T23:36:34Z

Day +596 -- Preparing for a new decade of life and hope

Hello to all our amazing supporters.  Posts have been few which is actually good news.  It means that Schmoul is truly on the mend and working towards a new life of normalcy. He is down to single digit milligrams of prednisone and if all continues as it is he should be off the steroid completely by his next belly button birthday.  

The last few months have been busy with wonderful events.  We celebrated my mother's 90th birthday in Oct.  People still can't believe she is 90.We are blessed she is as healthy as she is.  In November.  Schmoul was able to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Knowing where he was last year at this time, it was quite an accomplishment.  December has brought us more family time and Schmoul attending his first live performance of Dead & Co. since his transplant.

But the most special event of this year was when we attended an event for the Ezer Mizion organization.  This is the organization that maintains the bone marrow registry where Craig received his stem cells.  They work with the RDF in Israel to collect samples for their registry and have the largest registry for Jewish people in the world.

Craig was asked to share his story for two donor events.  At the second event, we received the surprise of a lifetime.  Ezer Mizion had flown his donor, Yehuda, from Israel to Los Angeles so they could meet for the first time.  Watch this video if you have a Facebook account or the second link if you don't.'s%20speech%20%26%20Yehuda

We are so grateful for the generosity of Ezer Mizion,  We are also grateful for all of you who have supported us for the last several years.  It has meant the world to us.  We won't be posting much in the future because life continues, thanks to the strong healthy stem cells from Yehuda and the doctors at UCSD.

WIshing you all a joyous, healthy and prosperous 2020.

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