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Schmoul's Updates

In November 2016 Schmoul was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis, a rare bone marrow disease. Despite how he felt or how far he could still ride Lucy, the doctors told h[...] read more

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Happy Day of Love!

Hope you all get to spend some time with those you love today. We are spending it low key as we are going to celebrate in Vegas in a couple of weeks when we go to see Elton John.

We got some good news today.  Dr. Gotlib finally spoke with Dr. Castro.  According to Dr. G. it was a good conversation and he is pleased with Schmoul's progress.  He thinks proceeding to a BMT is a good plan and mentioned that there is an indication that Schmoul has a 10/10 donor.  He must have heard this from Dr. Castro. From our understanding, a 10/10 donor is the best you can have.  That means you have a donor that is matching on all 10 HLA's (human leukocyte antigens).  Just think,  there is someone out there running around with Schmoul like stem cells!  I wonder if he or she rides bikes?  Now let's just hope this person will be willing and able to give a few up for Schmoul.

Dr. G also wants some more blood to test for MDS as it will give him other ideas about prognosis.  

We are feeling very hopeful and Schmoul got "goosies" all over when heard about the 10/10 match!  Thank you all for your prayers and support these last many months.  It has meant the world to us but this is just the beginning.  There is so much more to come and we know Howard has our back.  

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