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Posted 2020-03-18T22:33:00Z

Day +675 - Discharge any time now!

Schmoul has been given notice that he can prepare for discharge.  I received a call from a case manager who has ordered home health nursing and home health PT.  Dr.  T. has given the go ahead.  Now I just wait for the call to go pick him up.  We both will be so happy when he is home.  It has been tough on both of us but mostly on Schmoul.  I am so grateful the doctors kept him in for an extra 5 days on antibiotics to be sure he was safe to come home.[...]

Posted 2020-03-15T19:03:12Z

Day +672 - COVID-19 shuts down hospital visitation

Schmoul texted me yesterday saying he could have outside food, so would I bring him something yummy.  Of course, that's the steroid talking.  I picked him up a burger and sweet potato fries and headed up with some other supplies he asked for only to be stopped dead in my tracks in the lobby at the hospital.  No Visitors unless the patient is terminal.  So I gave all the goodies to a nice volunteer who took it up to him.[...]

Posted 2020-03-13T21:50:44Z

Day +670 ~ A bit of a setback

I sure wish I didn't have to post this. Schmoul has had a tough month. It started  Feb 18th.  Schmoul some up with a red swollen and painful knee. We headed off to Urgent Care. The doctor confirmed that it was most likely an infection but what he was most concerned about was Schmoul 's blood pressure.  It was abnormally low on all attempts. We were sent to the ER where they put him on a heart monitor  and started him on a wide spectrum antibiotic. After spending 36 hours in the ER he was finally moved to a room. [...]

Posted 2019-09-18T06:37:16Z

Day +491 and Schmoul's B-day

Hi everyone,  I guess it's a good sign when I haven't posted in over 2 months.  Schmoul celebrated his 57th birthday today and this is a picture of the sunset we enjoyed at dinner with family.  We all are so grateful that we get to spend this time together.  For as long as I can remember, Schmoul has always said that he wanted to outlive his father.  Today, despite all the odds, he did.  Warren would be very proud of Schmoul's strength and determination.  The other photo is one of the few I have of Schmoul with his dad. [...]

Posted 2019-07-08T19:18:53Z

Day +420 -- Meet Yehuda Cohen!

Hi Everyone,  another month has gone by and we have been in touch with Schmoul's donor, Yehuda Cohen. These are some of the pictures he has sent us and he graciously said we could share with you all.  He seems to be a wonderful young man to whom we will be eternally grateful.  His blood went onto the bone marrow registry when he was a new recruit in the  Givati Brigade.  It is an Israel Defense Forces infantry brigade stationed within the Gaza Strip.  Yehuda is currently studying at a yeshiva in the north of the country in a city called Maalot.  His family is from South Africa but they immigrated to Israel when Yehuda was 4 years old.  Yehuda is a triplet and also has twin siblings. His home is in Beit Shemesh, which is right next to Jerusalem.  He was very happy to know that his stem cells went to a Jewish person, as are we.  [...]

Posted 2019-04-15T19:53:00Z

Day +336 - Happy 28 years together!!

Today marks the anniversary of our journey together.  Neither one of us believed it would last and Schmoul was afraid we were going to ruin our friendship.  In fact, because we had a friendship before we started our path as a couple, was what helped to see us through all our trials and tribulations. We have been each other's best friend through it all.[...]

Posted 2019-03-20T06:37:49Z

Day+309-Schmoul's Great Adventure

Here we are - over 300 days since Schmoul was reborn.  He was able to go on his first big adventure.  24 hours in Borrego Springs to see this year's wildflowers.  Schmoul and I have lots of memories of our times in Borrego over our 28 year history.  Many camping and hiking trips and lots of fun and love.  This year's "super bloom" wasn't quite as spectacular as we had hoped or maybe our expectations were more than they should have been.  Anyway, it was nice to get away from all the appointments and duties that overwhelm us on a daily basis.[...]