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Posted 2018-08-01T04:23:31Z

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Hello Friends and Family,

It's hard to believe that Scott has been gone now for almost a month. I've received lots of help and have been organizing his Celebration of Life and Fundraiser. I met up today with Mike Cavanaugh who works for the City of Newport at the REC Center and organizes a wide variety of sports and events in the community. He organizes the Agate Beach Surfing Contest which will be held the weekend of September 9 - 10, weather permitting. He and I are working with some of the other Agate Beach Surf Club members to place a boulder and a plaque honoring pioneer surfers at Agate Beach. The plaque will state ... "Surfing began in earnest at Agate Beach when Scott Blackman, Rick Baley and Larry Tucker began surfing the summer of 1964." There will be more info on the plaque honoring the members of the Agate Beach Surf Club (ABSC). It will state that the first surf contest held at Agate Beach happened in August, 1965. In honor of the ABSC I have put up old pics taken of Scott and some of the ABSC surfers at Agate Beach. Scott is shown in two pics surfing (which were taken by Jim Tucker). The colored picture is of Scott standing (with plaid shirt) and to the right of him Jim Tucker in the white shirt. Scott and Marty Skriver were going with driver Rick Baley to surf in southern California in September, 1965. The last pic is of the four surfers (with boards) who started surfing all summer at Agate Beach in 1964. Left to right they are Larry Tucker, Scott Blackman, an unidentified guy from California and Rick Baley.

Jim Tucker, ABSC surfer and my classmate from Newport High School, passed away the last week in June. He and Scott remained life long friends until they both died. There will be a paddle out for Jim Tucker at Agate Beach on Saturday, August 11, 2018. When I receive more info I will share it with you.  

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