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Sometimes we could all use a little help from our friends. Eric has been there for so many of us, now it is our turn. March 13, 2013, Eric's life was turned upside [...] read more

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Posted 2013-12-19T04:19:52Z

No Chemo

I was supposed to get chemotherapy today but my platelets were only 69. They need to be above 100 before they will do the infusion. Assuming my platelets rebound by next week, which they should, I get to have chemotherapy during Christmas. How fun will that be.... haha

On the more positive side, I am feeling pretty good other than a little nsusea and what I call miscellaneous pain. They resolve pretty easily with medications so it is no big deal.

I decided to get the full premier ski pass so I can ski any time I want. And....if I only ski for for an hour or two or a run or two I won't feel

Thanks again for all the love and really makes a difference.....:)

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