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Letting everyone know what my treatment plan is and what help I may need to get through everything.

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Posted 2019-06-28T03:16:00Z

Quick Update

Well, I finally got the port out yesterday.  They didn't really knock me out.  They gave me a combination of Versed and Fentanyl, which messes with memory and also eases the pain.  So I felt great all evening, and slept well last night. Today, however, it was a little more uncomfortable.  They didn't give me a prescription, so over-the-counter meds and the Gabapentin I was already taking were what I used to deal with it.  It mostly is working.  I'm sure it'll heal up just fine.

The other little new item is that I drank a glass of beer today!  Well, mostly.  I shared a bottle of Yeungling with Kendell. We sort of shared two bottles, so really I did drink most of one!  It was DELICIOUS!  I've missed beer.  I'm not ready for full glasses or anything, but I'm headed in the right direction!  It was a lovely evening on their back porch letting the beer counteract the heat.

So, that's the latest and greatest.  TTYL!

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