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Letting everyone know what my treatment plan is and what help I may need to get through everything.

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Tuesday Update

Well, I got the Sunday update reposted.  Grr.  Now on to a midweek update.

Not much going on.   I've been working from home (WAH) this week.  Still needing to rest in the middle of the day, which is much easier when all I have to do is clock out and lay down, than when I have to walk to my car from the office.  Plus I know my dad is happier knowing I'm not pushing myself to get through the day and then the drive home.  Evening rush hour is not a drive to make when your body just wants another nap.  And napping is a big part of my life right now.  

Yeah.  I bet that makes for a fascinating update, eh?

So, tomorrow will be another WAH day.  I felt like maybe it would have been a good day to head back in, but then I heard the weather forecast and thought, "NAH!"  

Thursday, though, I have the next hydration session, so figure it makes sense to work in the office.  I'll let you know if that's what happens.


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