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Latest journal entry

Classic Dano, jaw unwired, and pasta is the first chewable meal he eats!

Dano healed quickly and was able to have his mouth freed a day early. Just in time for him to hang out with his good friend Greg. Greg spent time with Dano, while Misti successfully found them a new home!! They couldn't have done it without Greg's love and support. 

In other fantastic news, Dano's surgeon says that the x-rays of his shoulder are looking good. The doctor was astonished at how fast and well he's healing and suspects that he will get most of his range of mobility back if he keeps up with what his is doing! 

There should be more news about Dano's spine soon, but it looks like he will be in laid up and in a back brace for the next several months.  In the meantime, Misti and Dan are busy packing and healing respectively. 

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