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Posted 2018-11-21T21:00:54Z

Update from Dano...

Hello friends, 

Thank you all for your support through this rough time.  I'm gradually recovering from my latest seizure and am still in a decent amount of pain from from my fractured vertebrae, but with lots of physical therapy and a positive outlook I am on the path to recovery.  Doctors still don't know what is causing these seizures so the tests continue in mid-December. They'll do a more in depth brainwave study to see my brain activity over a 72 hour period and then we'll go from there. More good news is that I have remained seizure free for the past two months and am tolerating the anti-seizure medication well so, fingers crossed that it all keeps going smoothly on that front. 

We are all settled in in our new apartment in Brooklyn and have been enjoying living near Prospect Park. My big brother and sister in law came to visit last weekend and we were happy to be able to show them around a little bit and chill at the apartment and have some silly times even though I still have to lay down a lot.

 I know things are hard in California right now with the fires and Misti and I are both sending love to all of you in Ca. and are hoping the rains this week clear the air and send some relief your way. We have a nice big comfy guest mattress if any of you need a break and want to come visit!  

It is great to be surrounded by such warmth and compassion and I am so grateful for all of your kind words, help and support. Thanks everyone.

Much love, 


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