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Shannon's Status

Keeping everyone informed of Shannon Sweeney's progress.

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2014-09-08T06:35:03Z

Update 9/7

Shannon has been keeping very busy.

Last week we drove out to Northridge to have her evaluated for getting back behind the wheel.  She passed with flying colors and they actually put her in a properly modified van on the streets of LA.  We now have a list of upgrades for our van to make it Shannon friendly.  Hopefully she will be back behind the wheel by the end of the year.

This weekend, Shannon got involved with the Ampsurf Foundation in Pismo Beach.  Activities included surfing and kayaking.  Shannon had an amazing time getting back into the water.  I threw a couple pictures up in the Photo Album section, but I think Kirin got some better pictures (I'll try to get them from him).  It was a fantastic group of people that took great care of her.  Surfing quads, what could go wrong?

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