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2017: A Hospital Odyssey

After nearly three (three!) -- months in the hospital, the Shaz is coming home.  Today!  It has been a harrowing ride, to say the least, but she has once again shown her strength and grit -- as have the nurses and docs, from infectious disease specialists to the ENTs to the neurosurgeons.  There have been missteps, for sure, but we're just thankful that she has come through it. Sharon is still extremely tired and will need a lot of rest going forward.  She will remain on various antibiotics and other meds, so she's got a lot to deal with and has to adhere to a specific schedule. Thus, she's not exactly ready for prime time but we hope with some TLC she will get stronger throughout the summer.  Just being able to breathe non-hospitalized air and looking out at the water we hope will be a significant benefit.  

A thousand thank-you's to her amazing friends, who have been absolutely key in this recovery process.  Sharon and our whole family could not have made it through without you.  Please keep those prayers coming too, for NO infections, restorative sleep, and a serene, summer-time peace of mind.  And maybe a golf-cart ride or two.  :-)


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