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Update from Milwaukee

This afternoon showed a big improvement over this morning. The steroids have diminished the swelling and that has helped a lot. She had a burst of energy, moving from bed to the chair, watching two comedy movies and demanding a coke – even though she’s not allowed to take even an ice chip or a sip of water yet.  She had us chuckling as she meticulously described the vanilla-with-chocolate fudge custard she was craving from Milwaukee’s famous Leon’s. It’s a little Dairy-Queen-like stand across the street, which has been there since the 1940s. But it’s oh-so-much better than DQ.  It’s packed every night, with a line 15 deep and all manner of miscreants hanging outside on the curbs slurping down their huge cones.  This is not the land of the diet-conscious, to say the least.  Luckily, she had a Leon’s fix before surgery…and she’s jonesing again for it now.  An excellent sign.

Sharon is right beside me as I write this and says thank you all for your support and prayers and posts.  She says asks that you please keep the prayers and positive healing thoughts coming her way. 

We hope to move on to the coca-cola phase of the program soon!  


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