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Posted 2018-08-08T19:54:31Z

Sharon Egan Katula

Sharon lost her courageous battle with Chordoma on Thursday, August 2.   A mass to celebrate her life will be held on Thursday, August 9 at 10:30am  at St John Neumann Catholic Church (620 Bestgate Rd) in  Annapolis, MD.  A reception will follow at 12:00pm at the Sherwood Forest Clubhouse.[...]

Posted 2018-08-01T00:56:37Z

Fighting infection

Sharon continues to fight the various infections she has had for the past week or so, including pneumonia, with the help of heavy doses of antibiotics. She also still has the abscess in her lung which they are treating as well. She has support from a ventilator when she needs it and is doing better the past couple of days. Sorry for the delay in posts but it's been a bit up and down. Dave is encouraged that today's report was generally positive. [...]

Posted 2018-07-20T20:15:06Z

A Fly in the Ointment

It's been a very tough week for Sharon, but things are now looking up.  On Sunday she was doing well and having physical therapy, even walking around the nurses station with a walker and some help --  but by Monday, had contracted an infection which they suspected was pneumonia. As it turns out she had both a staph and a strep infection.  She also has an air bubble in her lung that was causing some issues.  They have been treating the infections and the air bubble and are confident that things are/will continue to improve.  Her airway was compromised so she needed help in that regard as well.  Things are moving along though and she should be feeling and doing better  this evening.  Thank you for your continued support, as always.... and for the kind souls at Sherwood who have been keeping my Dad, Brian and Tommy well fed.  It really does take a village, and the Egans are eternally grateful for all the help we have received. And thanks to Peggy for making the trek from Chicago for a visit.[...]

Posted 2018-07-15T03:03:00Z

Update from Milwaukee

This afternoon showed a big improvement over this morning. The steroids have diminished the swelling and that has helped a lot. She had a burst of energy, moving from bed to the chair, watching two comedy movies and demanding a coke – even though she’s not allowed to take even an ice chip or a sip of water yet.  She had us chuckling as she meticulously described the vanilla-with-chocolate fudge custard she was craving from Milwaukee’s famous Leon’s. It’s a little Dairy-Queen-like stand across the street, which has been there since the 1940s. But it’s oh-so-much better than DQ.  It’s packed every night, with a line 15 deep and all manner of miscreants hanging outside on the curbs slurping down their huge cones.  This is not the land of the diet-conscious, to say the least.  Luckily, she had a Leon’s fix before surgery…and she’s jonesing again for it now.  An excellent sign.[...]

Posted 2018-07-13T23:46:19Z

2nd day post-surgery

Sharon is making progress after her big surgery on Wednesday. She sat in a chair for a little while today and was alert for a lot of the day.  The therapy folks have all been in -- physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.  One of the therapists was asking her a lot of questions to test her memory, etc...  When that was finished, Sharon, true to form, turned the tables and said SHE had some questions for the therapist.  That's our gal! She's still got it.  [...]

Posted 2018-07-12T22:15:18Z

Back in Wisconsin

Hi all

As many of you know, Sharon is back in cheese country for a visit with her favorite neurosurgeon; she had a day-long operation yesterday to de-bulk her tumor.  It was a very complicated procedure with a lot of risks but it went extremely well. There's a great team out here, with even her Hopkins neurosurgeon along for the ride.  And of course, all your well wishes and prayers added to the mix and were extremely welcome (and still are).  They worked!  [...]

Posted 2017-06-13T19:02:12Z

2017: A Hospital Odyssey

After nearly three (three!) -- months in the hospital, the Shaz is coming home.  Today!  It has been a harrowing ride, to say the least, but she has once again shown her strength and grit -- as have the nurses and docs, from infectious disease specialists to the ENTs to the neurosurgeons.  There have been missteps, for sure, but we're just thankful that she has come through it. Sharon is still extremely tired and will need a lot of rest going forward.  She will remain on various antibiotics and other meds, so she's got a lot to deal with and has to adhere to a specific schedule. Thus, she's not exactly ready for prime time but we hope with some TLC she will get stronger throughout the summer.  Just being able to breathe non-hospitalized air and looking out at the water we hope will be a significant benefit.  [...]

Posted 2017-06-01T03:12:58Z

The roller coaster continues

This past Saturday, a bed finally opened up at Hopkins. She was transferred to a regular floor (not ICU) and was doing well -- very well in fact, all during the long Memorial Day weekend. Looking and sounding good.  Then Tuesday (yesterday) she took another turn and It now appears that she has an infection again.  They are trying to figure out exactly what, and why it keeps happening.  Hoping that an additional medication that they started today, plus some more tests will help move things along in the right direction and provide some answers.   So glad she is back at Hopkins.  Please keep praying for some healthy relief for our girl. [...]

Posted 2017-05-19T13:53:27Z

Close but yet so far...

Last week Sharon made it out of. Hopkins to Washington Adventist rehab facility. However, after about a week there, things took an unfortunate turn, and she is back in the hospital in ICU. Unclear at this point exactly what the problem is, but as ever, they are doing tests and scans. She is at Wash. Adventist, but needs to get transferred back to Hopkins. Yesterday there were no beds available at Hopkins so we are hoping something will open up today. Seems it's the season to be sick, and everyone's doing it. Please pray for a speedy and safe transfer back to Baltimore. Just in time for Preakness. Oy.

Posted 2017-05-02T01:38:02Z

Six weeks and counting

Sharon is now in her 7th week at Hopkins. A true test of stamina and endurance.  She is moving along and we hope to get her out this week and on to a rehab facility, where she can work on regaining her strength and mobility. She is now off of antibiotics and has gotten stitches out, etc..  However she is still extremely tired, having been through so much  -- while getting not nearly enough sleep due to the constant medical visits.  The lack of sleep alone would exhaust even the healthiest of people.  Once in the rehab,hopefully she'll get to sleep at night, though they will keep her very busy during the day with various types of physical therapy.  Thus we're not sure how much opportunity there will be for visiting, but will keep you apprised of all that as it develops. [...]