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It is with a heavy heart that I start this site but I know there are many, many people that love my mom and would like more information on a regular basis.

First and foremost, thank you everyone for all your love and support (visits, emails, phone calls, etc...). Fair warning / disclaimer, this is Tami and when I'm writing these updates ... they will not be technical ... please feel free to ask specific questions in your posts and I will try to find specific technical answers.

Just to recap:

On Saturday morning, 6/16/12 (one week ago), my mom came to the hospital in an ambulance with severe neck pain. After some tests the doctor's discovered that she had a fracture in her C4 vertebra due to cancer in her bones. Because the cancer and fracture are in such critical place, her mobility and pain management are big challenges.

The doctor's decided that she needed to start radiation right away. So, on Tuesday 6/19/12, they transferred her in an ambulance to Swedish Medical Center - First Hill. The tests and scans continued for the rest of the week; they drained a large amount of cancerous fluid out of the pleura around her right lung; and they found cancer in five to ten other bones.

On Thursday 6/21/12, she started radiation. Her radiation treatments are particularly painful because they have to move her neck in uncomfortable ways to target the right spot.

This morning, Saturday 6/23/12, we received results from other scans with even more disappointing news. Apparently, it looks like there is fairly high involvement of cancer in her liver and abdomen.

Her treatment plan is continuing to evolve as more information comes in and we consult with her oncologist in California. It seems like another treatment in addition to the radiation is going to need to start as soon as possible. It will probably be chemotherapy or a hormone related drug.

She is gaining mobility day by day and while she is still hooked up to an IV for administering pain relief she does not choose to use the pain medication very often. They are trying to release her from the hospital as soon as possible to continue treatment on an outpatient basis.

Before going into the hospital my mom was living on a sailboat. Now, the thought of her going back to living on a boat with her restricted mobility and higher risk of slipping is not comforting. Therefore, our most immediate need is help with one to two months of temporary (non-boat) housing near the hospital. So, if anyone has any suggestions or knows of anyone that needs house-sitting or has a living space they are not utilizing please let us know: [email protected].

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