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Sheila Mondshein - Journal

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Posted 2018-03-16T07:47:00Z

Friday, March 16

As the last day of shiva dawns, I thought it might be fitting to enter here the words I spoke at Sheila's funeral.  I wrote them with hope for comfort for us all. Thank you for your prayers for Sheila and your support for both of us. (See below.)

Posted 2018-03-11T05:04:00Z

Saturday, March 10

I have no words to express my grief. My precious Sheila passed away in the hospital, in the middle of the night on Shabbos. It is true that I must and do feel grateful that she passed away peacefully as we slept, together. The service will take place on Sunday at Stanetzky’s, 1668 Beacon street, at 3:30.  [...]

Posted 2018-03-09T05:50:33Z

Friday, March 9

Sheila’s team at the hospital are working hard for the best possible outcome. Sheila is comfortable and sends her love and appreciation, but still does not wish to have visitors in her present condition. Please keep your messages and prayers flowing. They help us a great deal. [...]

Posted 2018-03-04T12:31:00Z

Sunday, March 4

Sheila completed her radiation treatments on Friday. We look forward to the reduction of their after-effects. Sheila and I hold firmly to the efficacy of hope and prayer. — ours and yours. We deeply appreciate your ongoing posts of encouragement, which strengthen both of us.  You can send your good wishes  is the “post your message” button below (not the “comments” link).[...]

Posted 2018-02-27T00:24:35Z

Monday, February 26

Thank you so much for your messages of hope. The meals have literally been a life-saver. Forgive me for having to postpone a personal response. It has been a very difficult roller-coaster ride thus far. Sheila’s treatment was suspended Saturday. Having been re-stabilized, Sheila again received treatment today. She appreciates all you are doing. [...]

Posted 2018-02-13T13:44:12Z

Tuesday morning, Feb. 13

Sheila entered the hospital for additional tests on Monday.  She was very uplifted by your supportive, heartfelt input. I regret that I probably will not have the opportunity to reply personally to you for a couple of days — but be assured of the inspiration you give to Sheila and to me.  [...]