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Rachel Greenblatt Rachel Greenblatt

Dear Lee,

On the Shaarei list, you asked that friends post here ideas about honoring Sheila's memory through discussion of a specific set of issues dear to her, and also about how to open minds and hearts to its importance: "to open hearts, not just minds, to address the crushing need for fair and affordable housing in Newton and beyond. The second goal is to bind together those hearts to stimulate positive, broadly supported, economically profitable action in the residential development arena."

I'm afraid I don't have any original thoughts on that, at least not at the moment. I would like, however, to introduce you to Beila Perlhefter, who lived in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. She came to my mind when you invoked, at Stanetsky's and repeated in your last journal post, the metaphor of the sun that is always there, though we sometimes cannot see it, because Beila, drawing on Kohelet, used that same metaphor in describing her own family's great tragedy. She also hated the haughtiness and closed hearts of some of the wealthy of her society. My translation of her writing, at the link copied below is not elegant, and it can be hard to follow her logic (in the original as well). Her situation was quite different from yours. In addition to the tragedy she suffered, she worried -- I think -- about her family's reputation. But there might (or might not) be something here either of comfort to you or useful in spurring thought about social justice.

I don't see a way to post a link, but you can copy & paste:

Our prayers for healing are still with you, Lee,

julia feldman julia feldman

Dear Sheila and Lee,

We are thinking of you and really miss seeing you at shul and spending time with you both. Wishing Sheila a refuah shlemah and a peaceful, restful shabbat.
All our best,
Julia and Uri

Naomi Fried Naomi Fried

Dear Sheila and Lee-
We are thinking of you and wishing you a restful and restorative shabbat. Sheila, may you have a speedy and complete refuah shelayma. We hope to see you soon on another shabbat soon!
With love,
Naomi and Jesse

Fern reiss Fern reiss

Hugs. Hang in there. We miss you.
Shabbat shalom,
/Fern & Jonathan
Benjamin, Daniel and Ariel

Aaron Katchen Aaron Katchen

ירושלים עיה״ק ערב ש״ק ויקהל-פקודי פרשת פרה שבת מברכים ר״ח ניסן הבא עלינו לטובה
יה״ר שתחדש עלינו את החודש הזה לטובה ולברכה ותתן לנו חיים טובים ... חיים של חלוץ עצמות
יחדשהו הקב״ה עליך שרה חוה בת מלכה ... לחיים טובים ולשלום ... לרפואה שלימה ולגאולה קרובה
מקרב הלב
Aaron and family

Nechama Cheses Nechama Cheses

We are also glad to hear you have a break in treatment and hope this brings you relief and more positive energy. We are encouraged by your strength and emuna and wish you both only health and healing with much fondness..
~Nechama & Aryeh

Rachel Greenblatt Rachel Greenblatt

Lee and Sheila, Indeed, King David, the psalmist, is both poet/singer and warrior. And so too is Deborah, fighting fiercely, writing with beauty, strength, praise and thanksgiving for her and her people's victory, and with special sensitivity to the emotions of her mortal enemies and their family members (Judges 5:28 “Through the window peered Sisera's mother, Behind the lattice she cried: Why is his chariot so long in coming? Why so late the clatter of his wheels?” ) We wish for you both that you continue to find the strength and stamina of our tradition’s warriors, continue to find beauty in their poetry and comfort in their ability to express human yearnings, And we continue to pray, Sheila, for your complete and quick recovery, Rachel, with Jim & family

David Gillers David Gillers

Dear Sheila and Lee,
We're sending lots of love, hugs, and warm wishes for a refuah shleimah.
David and Rachel Milner Gillers

Susan Megerman Susan Megerman

Dear Sheila and Lee, So glad to hear that this part of the treatment is completed. Hope this is the beginning of a refuah Shelemah. Much love, Susan

Shuli Rockoff Shuli Rockoff

Dear Sheila and Lee,
We hope that this week will be easier for you as we continue to pray for Sarah Chava bat Malka's recovery.
Thinking of both of you,
Shuli and Avi

Jo-Ann Harrison Jo-Ann Harrison

Dear Sheila and Lee,
We are glad that you have completed this difficult treatment. We will continue our prayers for " Refuah Shelema", to hear further good news.

Jo-Ann and Mike

Sharon Haselkorn Sharon Haselkorn

Dear Sheila and Lee,
Good to hear that one part of treatment has been completed. May each step bring you closer to recovery. We've signed up to include you in our last Pesach meal as usual so no worries that we'll miss out on that tradition this year!

Much love,
Sharon and Michael

Ruth Fax Ruth Fax

Dear Sheila and Lee, It's great to have the radiation behind you! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the good news coming. --Ruth & Gene

Ruth Langer Ruth Langer

Dear Sheila and Lee,
So glad that one milestone is reached -- and with it a chance to regather your strength and reach for the next one. With prayers for a refuah sheleimah,
Ruth and Jonathan

Lucy Lorin Lucy Lorin

Dear Lee and Sheila,

I am so glad to hear that Sheila is through the radiation.

Rachel articulated so beautifully that the force of the majesty of the mountains is the force on which the psalmist relies.

We dedicated the teaching in Rabbi Sendor’s class this morning to his mother, it was her yahrzeit, and to Sheila’s health.

It was quite an amazing class about the nefesh-and praying with “all our soul”. I am quite sure I can not give it over, but on a level I cannot articulate, I believe we learned today some ways to fathom how the psalmist’s soul and verse (and ours) are intimately connected with the glory of the mountain and the glory that created it.

The soul (full structure of consciousness) has five levels:

1) nefesh- attention to stimuli is the senses
2) ruach - emotional, moral soul
3) neshama - intellectual, spiritual soul
4) chayah - living essence
5) yechidah - unique essence of Hashem.

The human soul also has three qualities: 1) nefesh - action; 2) ruach - speech; 3) neshama - thought. Each word has these three qualities as well.

1) nefesh are the consonants in Hebrew- body, they can not be pronounced without the vowels...letters are to vowels as the body to the soul 2) the vowels are the ruach-spirit 3) the tamim and cantillation are neshama, the meaning and song of the word-the attention/intention of the mind.

When a person davens “he speaks each word, which is a power of and part of his neffesh, he should strongly attach his will/desire to her, to actually completely pour his neffesh into her to the supernal root of the words of the prayer that exists at the pinnacle of the world. As the Zohar Vauahkheil mentioned, “And while his mouth and lips are still murmuring, he should direct his heart/mind, and his will will rise higher, to unite everything per the deepest secrets, for there are caught all of the wills and thoughts that are found in the ongoing secret of the Ein Sofe””(p 260-261 translated version)

Hannah pours out her soul not just wishing for her own child but for the whole of humanity.

We are all one, we are with you, and we are praying with all our heart and all our soul for Sheila to feel the rejuvenating energy of the glory that made the mountain.

Missed you in class. And thank you Lee for being a part of the inspiration that brought this learning from Rabbi Sendor to me.

Praying for a refuah Shlema!